PVC Floor Tiles

PVC Tiles
PVC Tiles also known as PVC Interlocking Tiles are solutions for industries where many people walk through or vehicles like forklifts & trolleys move. In these work environments, the Flooring is prone to damages and decreased life of floors. To increase life expectancy by an average of two to three times, Induskart brings you Tiepro PVC Flooring Tiles. These are easy to install, can be reused, and are quick to dismantle and moved to another location if you chose to shift.



Application of PVC Floor Tiles
We have a wide range of PVC Floor Tiles that will suit the requirement, no matter how big or small the application area. Few of the places where these tiles are installed:

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Workshops
  • Gymnasiums
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational Institutes
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Corporate offices


The alternatives to PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles like cement, epoxy, concrete, stone, etc., are complex to install and prone to vehicle movement damage or damage if accidental heavy tools or equipment drop.

How to Install PVC Interlocking Tiles ?
These PVC Interlocking Tiles are very easy to install. As the name says – the tiles come with interlocks at all sides. One edge is to be aligned with the edge of another tile and with the help of a fiber hammer, a light hammering will lock both the tiles together perfectly. The tiles can be easily cut using a sharp blade as per the design or layout of the floor. This property helps to cover places where there are some obstructions like pillars or doors. We do provide a quick video tutorial if there is any query regarding installation.

Features & Advantages of PVC Tiles

  • Pleasing appearance: The premium look and feel will make it the center of attraction.
  • Anti-Slip: The ergonomic design is kept in mind while developing the tiles. They are made in a manner to avoid the person from slipping.
  • UV Resistance: The resistance to UV rays makes the tiles long-lasting.
  • Installation: No skilled labor is required for the installation.
  • Heavy-duty application: The tiles are designed to withstand applications like forklift movement easily.


Technical Details of PVC Flooring Tiles

  • Tiles are electrically resistant and passed BS3187/1959 test.
  • They show good resistance to chemicals like 95% ethanol, various oils, hydrofluoric acid, etc.
  • The weight of each tile and the density helps to reduce noise.
  • The tiles are low maintenance. Although they are resistant to many chemicals it is suggested to remove any spillage at the same time.
  • PVC Flooring Tiles have passed the Hot metal nut test.


Quality is our priority.
We at Induskart focus primarily on providing the best experience to our customers. To ensure the same, there are multi-level quality checks conducted during the production. From raw material testing to a high sampling ratio, we try to eliminate any user issue.


Availability of PVC Floor Tiles
We stock tiles of various designs and dimension

Specifications Of PVC Tiles

Density: 1.38-1.46g/cc
Tensile Strength: 2:80kg/cm
Elongation rate: 280%
Hardness (Shore D): 70
Tear Strength: 30kg/cm

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