When it comes to sourcing industrial flanges, Induskart is the name that industries across India trust. We provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond mere supply, ensuring top-notch quality and unparalleled customer service.


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Manufacturing Standards

At Induskart , we strictly adhere to global standards for manufacturing:

Unmatched Quality Control

We believe in leaving no room for error. Our in-house quality control lab performs rigorous testing on every flange. We follow protocols that exceed industry norms to ensure each product is up to the mark.

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Don't let a missing flange throw your project off kilter. Imagine this

  • Choose from the widest range of MS flanges and industrial flanges in india.

  • Customizable Solutions: Get flanges custom-made to your exact.

  • Years of Experience: We have been manufacturing flanges for over 6 years and understand the crucial demands of various industries.

  • Rigorous Testing: Every flange undergoes thorough quality checks before delivery, ensuring reliability and durability.

  • Peace of Mind: Choose Induskart and enjoy flanges you can trust for your most critical projects.

Industrial Flanges We Have Them All.

Welding Neck Flange

The undisputed champion of strength and stability in demanding environments is the Welding Neck Flange. Featuring a long, tapered neck that seamlessly merges with the body, this robust performer reigns supreme in high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Think power plants, refineries, and pipelines where failure is simply not an option. Its exceptional butt-welded joint evenly distributes stress, minimizing leakage risks and ensuring unwavering reliability. For unparalleled performance in even the most extreme conditions, the Welding Neck Flange is the clear choice.

Slip on Flange

The Slip-on Flange offers a cost-effective alternative for moderate pressure applications. It conveniently slips onto the pipe end and is secured with internal and external welds, creating a strong and compact connection. This flange shines in general industrial, water, and HVAC systems where affordability and efficiency are key.

Socket Weld Flange

Space-saving and lightweight, the Socket Weld Flange boasts a smaller footprint compared to its counterparts. Featuring an internal socket that securely houses the pipe end, it requires only a single fillet weld at the flange face. This streamlined design makes it perfect for low-pressure systems like instrumentation lines and hydraulic applications.

Lap Joint Flange

The Lap Joint Flange thrives in high-pressure, high-temperature environments where frequent disassembly is required. It incorporates a separate stub end welded to the pipe, which then laps over the flange body and is secured with multiple bolts. This design allows for easy dismantling and maintenance, making it popular in chemical processing, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

Threaded Flange

The Threaded Flange offers a convenient and cost-effective option for low-pressure systems. By screwing directly onto the pipe threads, it eliminates the need for welding, making installation a breeze. This flange finds its niche in water lines, compressed air systems, and HVAC applications where simplicity and affordability reign supreme.

Blind Flange

The Blind Flange isn’t actually a flange, but a crucial closure component. Depicting a solid disk with bolt holes, it seals off the end of a pipe or flange assembly, isolating sections for maintenance, pressure testing, or system shutdowns. This versatile tool proves invaluable in diverse applications across various industries.

Case Studies


Through an ongoing partnership with Alstom, we’ve supplied flanges integral to their high-speed train infrastructure. Our products met every technical specification, contributing to Alstom’s successes.

Vadilal Industries

Our stainless steel flanges became a cornerstone in Vadilal’s refrigeration units. Our unparalleled quality and punctuality ensured the success of their project.


Our flanges come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to suit various applications.

Absolutely, we offer customization to meet your specific requirements.

Most of the material is available in ready stock. For larger quantities we can deliver up to 2,00,000 Pcs in 6-8 Weeks

Our QC team ensures each flange meets or exceeds global standards, including DIN, ASTM, CEN, BS, IS, and JIS.

Yes, we provide significant discounts on bulk orders.

Our flanges are designed to withstand pressure ratings ranging from 150 to 2500 lbs, depending on your needs.

We provide both domestic and international shipping options.

While we specialize in manufacturing, we can recommend skilled technicians for the installation of our flanges.

Did You Know?

Myth: All flanges are the same.

Fact: Flanges can differ in materials, pressure ratings, and manufacturing standards.

Tip: For high-pressure systems, choose flanges manufactured to ASTM or DIN standards for enhanced safety.

Did You Know: The wrong type of flange can decrease the lifespan of your entire system. Always consult experts for the right selection.

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By choosing Induskart, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and an array of options tailored to meet your industry’s specific needs.


A top-tier supplier with exceptional quality. We used their safety products in our new factory setup and were impressed by their exceptional durability and compliance with international safety standards.

- Kiran

Grasim Aditya Birla Group

Induskart  delivers on time, every time. We had a critical deadline for our infrastructure project and needed fasteners urgently; Induskart ensured we received our order ahead of schedule.

- Rahul

RR Label

The durability of their flanges is unmatched. We installed their flanges in our high-pressure systems and have had zero leaks or maintenance issues since the installation.

- Deepak


Excellent customer service and after-sales support. When we purchased their power tools, they provided us with comprehensive training on safe and effective usage, minimizing our learning curve.

- Sunita

Larsen and Toubro

Their adherence to standards sets them apart. We used their industrial valves in our power plants and found them to be highly efficient, with full compliance to industry regulations.

- Anup


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