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Induskart: Your Premier Flanges Manufacturer in India

Welcome to Induskart, India’s beacon of engineering and quality excellence in flange manufacturing and supply. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unmatched, offering a broad spectrum of flanges designed to exceed the rigorous demands of diverse industries. Specializing as both a manufacturer and supplier, we’re dedicated to providing products that not only meet but surpass project requirements, ensuring each flange aligns perfectly with your needs. At Induskart, we’re more than a manufacturer or supplier; we’re your trusted partner in setting new industry benchmarks through quality, versatility, and continuous improvement.

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Our Process in Action

Don't let a missing flange throw your project off kilter. Imagine this

Behind Every Successful Dispatch: A Glimpse into Our Commitment. Explore our photo collages to witness the meticulous care, precision, and readiness that define our dispatch process. At Induskart, every shipment tells a story of trust, quality, and customer satisfaction

Choose from the widest range of MS flanges and industrial flanges in india.

  • Customizable Solutions: Get flanges custom-made to your exact.
  • Years of Experience: We have been manufacturing flanges for over 15 years and understand the crucial demands of various industries.
  • Rigorous Testing: Every flange undergoes thorough quality checks before delivery, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Peace of Mind: Choose Induskart and enjoy flanges you can trust for your most critical projects.

Manufacturing Standards

Embrace World-Class Quality with Our Internationally Recognized Standards

Our flanges are manufactured in compliance with global standards such as DIN, ASTM, CEN, BS, IS, and JIS. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure high stress resistance, compatibility, and precision engineering. Certified to meet and exceed international quality norms, our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

At Induskart, we strictly adhere to global standards for manufacturing:


DIN (German): Used primarily in Europe, DIN standards are renowned for their rigorous quality controls.


ASTM (American): Known for high stress resistance, ASTM standards are widely utilized in the American and Canadian markets.


CEN (European): CEN standards focus on compatibility and interoperability between different products and systems.


BS (British): British standards are known for their detailed safety protocols and are often used in the UK and Commonwealth countries.


IS (Indian): IS standards are specifically curated for the Indian market, focusing on local industrial needs.


JIS (Japan): Japanese standards are known for their quality and precision engineering.

Unmatched Quality Control

Quality Control

At Induskart, our commitment to unmatched quality control underpins our entire manufacturing process. Within our in-house quality control lab, each flange undergoes meticulous testing to ensure it meets, if not exceeds, industry norms. This rigorous approach guarantees that every product delivered is flawless, reflecting our ethos of leaving no room for error and upholding the highest standards of excellence.

Industry Standard Adherence

Global Standard Compliance

Reliable Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Delve into our comprehensive range of flanges, crafted to suit every industrial need. From slip-on and weld neck to blind and threaded flanges, our products are manufactured with precision, ensuring reliability and durability for your projects. Customize your choice with our array of materials, sizes, and standards to perfectly align with your specifications.

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Our flanges come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to suit various applications.

Absolutely, we offer customization to meet your specific requirements.

Most of the material is available in ready stock. For larger quantities we can deliver up to 2,00,000 Pcs in 6-8 Weeks

Our QC team ensures each flange meets or exceeds global standards, including DIN, ASTM, CEN, BS, IS, and JIS.

Yes, we provide significant discounts on bulk orders.

Our flanges are designed to withstand pressure ratings ranging from 150 to 2500 lbs, depending on your needs.

We provide both domestic and international shipping options.

While we specialize in manufacturing, we can recommend skilled technicians for the installation of our flanges.


Finding a reliable flange manufacturer felt like a daunting task until I came across Induskart. Their selection of flanges is top-notch, and the quality speaks for itself. It's clear they're leading suppliers with a deep understanding of industrial needs


Grasim Aditya Birla Group

Induskart has redefined my expectations for what a flange supplier should be. Their commitment to precision and quality is unmatched. The seamless experience from browsing to purchase reassures me I'm dealing with the best in the business.


RR Label

As an engineer, I appreciate the technical details provided by Induskart for each flange. It's rare to find a manufacturer that combines technical expertise with such a customer-focused approach. Highly recommend for anyone needing industrial-grade flanges.



Induskart's flanges have been a game-changer for our operations. The durability and specifications meet our stringent requirements, making them the go-to supplier for our projects. Their expertise as flange manufacturers is evident in every product.


Larsen and Toubro

The professionalism and product range of Induskart immediately caught my attention. As a flange supplier, they've set the bar high, offering a hassle-free experience and products that consistently exceed expectations. A true partner for our supply chain needs.



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