Induskart: Your Premier Flanges Manufacturer in India

Induskart: Leading the Way as a Top Flanges Manufacturer in India.

In the dynamic world of industrial equipment supply, understanding the nuances of product quality, timely delivery, and technical precision is paramount. At Induskart, we’ve mastered this intricate balance, not just as direct manufacturers, but also as leading contract flanges manufacturer in India.

Contract Flanges Manufacturer in India: The Induskart Advantage

Unlike traditional manufacturers, our approach is rooted in collaboration. We forge strategic partnerships with a plethora of flange manufacturers, enabling us to supply bulk quantities in reduced timeframes. This collaborative model allows us to leverage the strengths of diverse flanges manufacturers while ensuring a consistent quality benchmark.

Quality Excellence: Induskart’s Distinction as Premier Flanges Manufacturer in India

Commitment to Excellence in Quality:

Induskart’s commitment to quality is evident at every stage of our flange production. We start by selecting the finest raw materials, which undergo thorough testing for strength and suitability. Each manufacturing step is closely monitored for precision, followed by meticulous finishing processes. Before dispatch, every flange is subjected to a comprehensive final inspection to ensure it meets our stringent standards. Moreover, detailed documentation is maintained for traceability and client assurance. With Induskart, every flange embodies our dedication to unmatched quality and client satisfaction.

Upholding Quality: How Top Flange Manufacturer, Like Us, Ensure Excellence

Quality isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s an ethos embedded in our operations. Recognizing the criticality of high-quality flanges in various industrial applications, we don’t merely source products. We take a step further. We educate and collaborate with our vendors on stringent quality control parameters, ensuring that every flange aligns with both Indian and global quality standards. This proactive approach to quality assurance underscores our commitment to delivering nothing but the best to our clients.

Why Induskart Stands Out as a Leading Flanges Manufacturer in India

In the corporate landscape, where precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount, Induskart emerges as a trusted name. Our strategic partnerships with a multitude of flange manufacturers and suppliers enable us to deliver unparalleled benefits:

Cost-Efficient Procurement: Our collaborative model allows us to leverage economies of scale, ensuring you receive top-tier products without a premium price tag. This approach is especially beneficial when sourcing specialized items like those from a leading contract flanges manufacturer in India, allowing us to deliver unparalleled value and quality in every transaction

Streamlined Bulk Supply: Leveraging our extensive network of flange manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure bulk quantities are supplied in minimal time. This efficiency translates to reduced lead times, ensuring your projects remain on schedule. By partnering with Induskart, a top-tier flanges suppliers in India, buyers stand to benefit from our rigorous quality checks, timely deliveries, and cost-effective solutions, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and profitability of your projects.

Broad Product Range: Our expansive portfolio ensures that clients find exactly what they’re looking for. From standard ANSI, ASTM, DIN, BS and IS Standard flanges to customized solutions, our wide range caters to diverse requirements, making us a one-stop solution for all your flange needs.

Custom Solutions Without Sacrificing Scalability: Our contract manufacturing model and network of flanges suppliers in india ensures bespoke solutions tailored to specific requirements, all while ensuring scalability and timely delivery for maximum client satisfaction

Prioritizing Safety and Environmental Stewardship: We’re deeply conscious of the broader implications of our products. Our flanges are meticulously crafted to avoid any leaks, providing dual benefits: protecting the environment from potential hazards and ensuring the safety of your valuable assets.

Applications of Flanges

Flanges, though seemingly simple components, play a pivotal role in various industries:

Piping Systems: Integral in connecting pipes for a seamless flow of fluids.

Oil and Gas: Ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of hydrocarbons in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Power Generation: Facilitating the transport of steam, water, and other essential fluids in power plants.

Chemical Processing Units: Ensuring no contamination or leakage in chemical plants.

Water and Wastewater Treatment: Playing a crucial role in maintaining a leak-proof system.

Food and Beverage: Ensuring sanitary connections in the food and beverage industry.

 Mining: Withstanding the abrasive environment of mining operations.

Why Choose Induskart?

  • Strategic Partnerships: Through our affiliations with a plethora of flanges manufacturers in India, we present a vast and diverse range of products, each resonating with the hallmark Induskart quality standard prevalent in India.
  • Operations Powered by SAP B1: Our organizational processes and systems are supercharged by SAP B1. This cutting-edge platform ensures that our operations are streamlined, efficient, and adaptable, enhancing our service delivery and customer experience.
  • Timely Deliveries: Recognizing the significance of punctuality in business, Induskart is deeply committed to ensuring deliveries that are not just timely but often ahead of schedule.
  • Team of Young and Enthusiastic Professionals: The backbone of Induskart is a dynamic cadre of young engineers and professionals. Their zest, acumen, and innovation keep us a step ahead, ensuring that we consistently meet and often exceed industry benchmarks.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our sterling reputation in the industry underscores our ceaseless devotion to quality, efficiency, and the satisfaction of our esteemed clientele.
  • Pan India Deliveries: With a presence that spans the vast expanse of India, we pride ourselves on our capability to cater to clients from every corner of the nation, ensuring that geographical boundaries never hinder our commitment to you.
  • Competitive Wholesale Prices: Beyond product excellence, our expansive network of Flange Manufacturers in India and operational prowess facilitate the offering of products at enticing wholesale rates, assuring unparalleled value with every transaction.

Looking beyond Flanges? At Induskart, we also specialize in a vast range of Valves. Seamlessly complementing our Flanges offerings, our High quality Valves ensure cohesive and efficient systems. Explore our Valves Manufacturers in India to find the perfect solutions for your industrial requirements.

Blind Flange ManufacturersBlind Flange Manufacturers

Blind Flange Manufacturers

Blind Flange: A blind flange is a solid flange as shown below. The purpose of these is to block off a section of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel that is not used. (A nozzle is typically a pipe coming out of a vessel and is usually flanged so it can be connected to valves or piping).

Ms Flange ManufacturerMS Flanges Manufacturers In India 

CS Flanges

Get high-quality Carbon Steel Flanges at the best prices. Flanges are basic mechanical devices used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and more. They are circular and usually welded or threaded with each other.

They come in two pieces, which are later joined by bolting with the gaskets. It helps the pipes to stay sealed and prohibit the leaking of material. The flanges are types of coupling up two lines.

The diameter and length of flanges depend upon the size of the pipes. There are various types of flanges available in the market namely Round Neck, Weld Neck Flanges, Socket Welded Flanges, Slip-On Flanges, etc.

Flat Face FlangeFlat Face Flange 

Flat Face Flange

Flat Face Flange: A flat faced flange, abbreviated as FF, is a flange that is machined flat and does not have a ridge like a raised face or ring type joint flange. The flat surface allows for the gasket to have full contact with the entire mating surface.

Lap Joint Flange SuppliersLap Joint Flange

Lap Joint Flange

Induskart is a leading manufacturer specializing in lap joint flanges. With a deep understanding of industrial requirements and various applications, we provide high-quality flanges, especially tailored for the applications needing frequent inspections and cleaning. Our products, ranging from stainless steel to alloy materials, cater to diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, water treatement, construction and oil & gas. Committed to certified excellence, expansive product range, and competitive pricing, Induskart stands as a trusted name for lap joint Flange Manufacturer in India.”

Ms Flange ManufacturerMS Flanges Manufacturers In India 

MS Flange Manufacturer in India: Induskart’s Pinnacle of Steel Mastery

Induskart stands as a symbol of excellence in the MS flange sector, positioned as a prominent MS Flanges Manufacturers in India. Through our vast network and strategic partnerships with other MS flange manufacturers and suppliers, especially in Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Mumbai, we ensure swift bulk supplies at competitive prices. We are deeply committed to quality, always following strict global standards and using the best materials. Offering a diverse range of products, from mild steel flanges to SS flanges and more, we cater to multiple industries. As an ISO-certified entity with strategic locations, we provide top-tier products at unmatched prices, making us the go-to for MS flanges in India.

Raised Face Flange Raised Face Flange 

Raised Face

Raised Face Flange: The Raised Face flange is the most common type used in process plant applications, and is easily to identify. It is referred to as a raised face because the gasket surfaces are raised above the bolting circle face

RTJ Face FlangeRTJ Face Flange

RTJ Face

RTJ Face: RTJ flanges seal when tightened bolts compress the gasket between the flanges into the grooves, deforming (or “Coining”) the gasket to make Intimate Contact inside the grooves, creating a metal to metal seal. An RTJ flange may have a raised face with a ring groove machined into it.

Slip On Flange Slip On Flange

Slip On Flange

Slip On Flange: Slip on Flange is essentially a ring that is placed over the pipe end, with the flange face extending from the end of the pipe by enough distance to apply a weld bead on the inside diameter. The OD of slip on flange is also welded on the back side of the flange.

Socket Welding FlangeSocket Welding Flange

Socket Welding Flange

Socket Weld Flange: A Socket Weld is a pipe attachment detail in which a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a Valve, fitting or flange. In contrast to butt weld fittings, Socket Weld fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); generally, for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.

MS Flanges Manufacturers In India MS Flanges Manufacturers In India 

Ss Flanges Manufacturer In India


Induskart is the leading supplier of SS flanges. Flanges are basic mechanical devices used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and more. They are circular and usually welded or threaded with each other.

They come in two pieces, which are later joined by bolting with the gaskets. It helps the pipes to stay sealed and prohibit the leaking of material. The flanges are types of coupling up two lines.

The diameter and length of flanges depend upon the size of the pipes. There are various types of flanges available in the market namely Round Neck, Weld Neck Flanges, Socket Welded Flanges, Slip-On Flanges, etc.

Threaded (Screwed)Threaded (Screwed)

Threaded (Screwed)

Threaded Flange (Screwed): Threaded Pipe Flanges. Threaded pipe flanges are similar to slip-on pipe flanges except the bore of threaded pipe flange has tapered threads. Threaded pipe flanges are used with pipes that have external threads. Threaded pipe flanges are often used for small diameter, high pressure requirements.

Welding Neck FlangeWelding Neck Flange

Welding Neck Flange

Welding Neck Flange: A weld neck flange consists of a circular fitting with a protruding rim around the circumference. Generally machined from a forging, these flanges are typically butt welded to a pipe. The rim has a series of drilled holes that permit the flange to be affixed to another flange with bolts.

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