Fasteners & Anchor

Fasteners & Anchor: Fasteners are called anchor fasteners in the building trade. This is because in most cases, they connect something to a base material such as concrete or brick, like the anchor of a ship embeds itself in the sea bed and does not allow the ship to move.

In most cases, anchor fasteners are installed by first drilling a hole in the base material. The hole is slightly larger than the fastener. Then the anchor is inserted into the hole in the right manner. The distance to which the anchor penetrates into the base material is called the embedment depth.

Looking beyond Anchor and Fasteners? At Induskart, we also specialize in a vast range of Pipe & Tubes. Seamlessly complementing our Anchor and Fasteners offerings, our High quality Pipe & Tubes ensure cohesive and efficient systems. Explore our Pipe & Tubes to find the perfect solutions for your industrial requirements.

Bullet AnchorsBullet Anchors

Bullet Anchors

Bullet Anchors: ​Bullet type anchor shell with internal thread for pre-positioned installation. When the bullet is placed in shell & hit with a setting tools it slides forward & the inside part of shell expands and takes the grip in the wall.

Chemical Anchor FastenerChemical Anchor Bolt

Chemical Anchor

Chemical Anchors IndusKart

Anchoring is a usual process in industries. Induskart presents a range of Anchors and Fastener solutions for Industries at the same place and with sufficient information on each of them. With this goal, Induskart brings you Anfagro Brand, A wide range of Chemical Anchor to choose from.

What is Chemical Anchoring? 

Chemical anchoring is a process in which resin is injected into a hole before the insertion of the stud. With the insertion of resin, all the irregularities and flaws of the hole are sealed airtight with approximately 100% adhesion. Chemical anchors provide superior load capacity as there is no embedment limit with chemical anchors. One can embed any length of the rod in the hole to increase load capacity. The option of selecting a larger diameter rod while embedment is also possible with chemical anchoring. This is the reason Chemical anchors have more audience than other forms of anchors

Chemical GunChemical Gun

Chemical Gun

Chemical Gun: ​An electrothermal-chemical gun uses a plasma cartridge to ignite and control the ammunition’s propellant, using electrical energy to trigger the process. Electrothermal-chemical technology is part of a broad research and development program that encompasses all electric gun technology, such as railguns and coil guns.

Frame Fixing AnchorsFrame Fixing Anchors

Frame Fixing Anchors

Frame Fixing Anchors: Plastic frame fixings are the ideal solution for the fixing of facade constructions, roof substructures, heavy wall cabinets, squared timbers, cable trays, gates and doors. With the long plug shaft, these can be directly secured in the building substrate through the attachment part.

Mechanical Anchor FastenerMechanical Anchor Fastener

Mechanical Anchors

Mechanical Anchors from Induskart : Our mechanical anchors are designed to install easily and securely into a variety of base materials — from concrete and brick to hollow and grouted CMU. They offer optimal performance even in the most demanding structural applications. For applications where there is a risk of concrete cracking, specific anchors have been designed and tested to offer reliability under these conditions.

Nylon Concrete AnchorsNylon Anchor Fasteners

Nylon Anchor

Nylon Anchor: ​Nylon Anchors are pre-assembled through fixing, a light duty nail expanding for solid masonry and hollow wall constructions. The design of the expansion nail used in the Nylon Anchor is such that it can be removed if need be.

Pin Type AnchorPin Type Anchor

Pin Type Anchor

Pin Type Anchor: Pin type anchor bolts find their use in soft masonry to reduce the effect of vibration and pressure. The most significant advantage of using these bolts is that it can be replaced without affecting the holding strength of the anchor system.

Rebaring ChemicalRebaring Chemical

Rebar Chemical

Rebar Chemical: Rebaring technique in reinforced concrete construction is a method for proper fabrication and placement of reinforcement bars as per the design and drawings for RCC works. The reinforcement bars are mainly patterned over its surface to facilitate proper bonding with the concrete.

Sanitary Fixing AnchorSanitary Fixing Anchor

Sanitary Fixing Anchor

Sanitary Fixing Anchor: Nylon Anchors are pre-assembled through fixing, a light duty nail expanding for solid masonry and hollow wall constructions. The design of the expansion nail used in the Nylon Anchor is such that it can be removed if need be.

Serrated WasherSerrated Washer

Serrated Washer

Serrated Washer:Induskart Engitech LLP brings this special kind of washer with serrations on its surface to prevent fastener loosening due to vibration. These are available in various metals, generally in carbon steel, spring steel and stainless steel.

Sleeve AnchorsSleeve Anchors

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve Anchors: ​Sleeve anchors are the most versatile masonry expansion anchors because they can be used in a variety of base materials, including concrete, brick, and block. They are available in a wide variety of diameters, lengths, and head styles. The available head styles are acorn, hex nut, flat, countersunk, and round head.

Studs & NutsStuds & Nuts

Studs & Nuts

Studs & Nuts: ​A bolt with threads on both ends designed to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and to receive a nut on the other. A bolt is a threaded fastener mated with a nut. A screw has either pre-formed or self-made external threads. A stud is an externally threaded headless fastener. One end mate with a tapped component and the other with a standard nut.

Threaded Rod & StudsThreaded Rod & Studs

Threaded Rod & Studs

Threaded Rod & Studs: ​The threaded rod Fairfield is basically used to fasten wood or metal together. It acts as a pin that is used to connect two materials together. They are also used to stabilize structures by inserting them into concrete or wood during repair.

Wedge Anchor Manufacturers in IndiaWedge Anchor Manufacturers in India

Wedge Anchor

Wedge anchors are mechanical devices to be installed in a solid concrete base only. They are one of the types of anchor bolts. Wedge anchors cannot be used in other base materials like cement or brick. They are holed in the concrete permanently and drilling into the concretes creates an exceptional holding capacity. The name wedge anchor is the generic name, but they may be called with other names such as kwik bolts. Once this is holed inside, the nut is rotated clockwise which pulls the action body up and slides down the expansion clip creating a tight bond between the anchor body and the concrete material. They are used for various concrete applications, but below down are mentioned applications of wedge anchors.


  • Construction sites
  • Fence posts
  • Light posts
  • Concrete staircase
  • Railings
Wedge Lock WasherWedge Lock Washer

Wedge Lock Washe

Wedge Lock Washer
Bolts are one of the many pillions which hold our modern-day society together. Engineering and technology have moved a far way but all the structures and machinery rely on them. Although nuts and bolts make an easy pair to install and use, the design leads to one major drawback. They loosen due to vibration and vibration is present everywhere. So locking system is used along with bolts.

Bolts are as good as the locking system it is engaged with. The traditional materials used for locking with bolts are plain washers, lock nut, spring washer, nylock nut, etc. But they have a limitation, the principle of friction is used in these systems which sometimes leads to unintentional screw loosening as the intensity of vibration increases.

Induskart Engitech brings the most effective solution to bolt loosening in the form of wedge lock washer. These washers are designed as pairs in which both parts have wedge-like structures called cam on inside and serrations on the outside.

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