Insulations And Coatings

Insulation & Coating: The ability to reflect or block heat from all sources such as fireplaces, heaters, and radiators inside a building as well as sunlight is the value of a true “insulative” or “insulating” paint. These products reduce the work (heat loading) that “resistance insulation” such a fiberglass, foam, and rock wool have to do. A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object, usually referred to as the substrate. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. The coating itself may be an all-over coating, completely covering the substrate, or it may only cover parts of the substrate.

Bitumen Coating SheetsBitumen Coating Sheets

Bitumen Coating Sheets

Bitumen Coating Sheet: Bitumen sheets are mainly used for waterproofing. And it can use for both residential and commercial buildings. It protects the roof deck from the rain before the roofing is put in. It provides an additional weather barrier just in case of blow offs or water penetration through the roofing or flashing. It protects the roofing from any resins that bleed out of the overlay. It helps forestall unevenness within the roof overlay from telegraphing through the shingles.

Both Side Gum PattiBoth Side Gum Patti

Both Side Gum Patti

Both Side Gum Patti: Created by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a carrier substrate material, double sided tape, also known as double-coated tape or double-faced tape, is widely used by a vast array of industries for applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing and packaging.

Insulating sleevesInsulating sleeves

Insulating sleeves

Insulating sleeves: Sleeves are used wherever cables need to be bundled and protected. They offer significant space savings and greater flexibility compared to conduits, for example. Whether it is mechanical protection, fire protection.

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