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Anti Fatigue MatAnti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti Fatigue Mat
Standing for long periods on surfaces like cement floors can cause fatigue. Fatigue-reducing mats are used to counter this problem which can be made from materials like rubber, foam, vinyl, etc.

Why use it?
While standing for a longer time, body parts like muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, soft tissues, bones, and joints may lead to serious medical problems over time. The cushioning available in these mats provide comfort underfoot. It allows subtle foot movement, due to which muscle contraction and expansion occurs. This also helps in proper blood flow in the body. A proper mat helps in reducing fatigue and pain in the muscle.

How much does it cost?

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. Mats are anti-slip and provide improved standing comfort. This leads to safety for workers, reducing the risk of slipping and tripping. This leads to increased productivity of workers.

PVC Floor TilesPVC Interlocking Tiles

Best Quality PVC Interlocking Floor Tile Manufacturers in India

PVC Tiles also known as PVC Interlocking Tiles are solutions for industries where many people walk through or vehicles like forklifts & trolleys move. In these work environments, the Flooring is prone to damages and decreased life of floors. To increase life expectancy by an average of two to three times, Induskart brings you Tiepro interlocking PVC floor Tiles. These are easy to install, can be reused, and are quick to dismantle and moved to another location if you chose to shift.

Industrial BrushesIndustrial Brush Corporation

Industrial Brush

Introduction to door seals

Exterior doors, by their design, are not capable to provide complete sealing against dust, cold air, insects and other pests. For doing so, the door will be required to be dragged on the floor itself. This is not practical as it will make it hard & create difficulty in opening and closing the door.To cater to this problem, door seals are used, which act as a barrier. These are of various kinds. Can be made up of brush-like bristles, rubber, or other material.

The use of Induskart offered high-quality metal door brush seal as sealing device is a proven successful barrier in industrial & household applications. The fine bristles in our seal are suitable for all surfaces including uneven ones. The flexible bristles provide almost frictionless movement to the doors. The seals are suitable for locking out light, air, dust, contamination and pests. They prevent a significant amount of air filtration which leads to energy saving also.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber Flooring
Rubber flooring is getting popular as a preferred choice of surface in homes, manufacturing industries, gymnasiums, etc. They have also become an interior decorating option for many. These floorings are capable of handling heavy foot traffic and are distinctive in design. Either the application is for industrial purpose or home application, the attractive looking floorings enhances the area of application.

How are they made?
The rubber used in the manufacturing of these flooring is natural rubber or synthetic material. Sometimes special grade of material is also used as per application. These materials make the flooring highly durable and reduce maintenance costs. There is a variety of flooring defined as per the choice of application. Interlocking rubber flooring is one of the most used kinds available.

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