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RTJ Face: RTJ flanges seal when tightened bolts compress the gasket between the flanges into the grooves, deforming (or “Coining”) the gasket to make Intimate Contact inside the grooves, creating a metal to metal seal. An RTJ flange may have a raised face with a ring groove machined into it.

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The [RTJ Flange] (Ring Type Joint Flange) has an important application in piping systems and valves, along with all equipment designed within high-pressure classes. It is made to ensure the joint is leak-proof and integral, therefore upholding the integrity of the system. Their use is widespread in petrochemicals, oil and gas, power generation, and other branches of industry where pressures from medium to high, together with high temperatures, are exhibited. 


Material Specifications 

Our [RTJ Flanges] are made of the highest quality, with materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel, ensuring tremendous strength, resistance to corrosion and high durability. An [RTJ Flange] is especially noted for the ring groove design that it features, which brings about sealing efficiency and ensures suitability in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. 

Technical Specifications 

These [RTJ Flanges] are provided in available specifications in sizes ranging from 1/2 inches to 48 inches, making them fit for use with an arrangement in the existing pipeline. The application can be embedded for pressures of up to 2500 PSI and temperatures reaching -20°C and up to +600°C. They have [RTJ Flange Dimensions] fulfilling the exact requirements of the system. Among the most popular types used are the [RTJ Flange Face] and the [RTJ Flange Gasket], which provide high performance for various operating conditions. 

Standards and Compliance 

Each [RTJ Flange] conforms to specifications by ASTM, ASME, and ISO 9001, as well as other international standards. As one of the prime [RTJ Flange Manufacturers], we always conduct an all-embracing testing regime on our products to ensure that they meet the said provisions in attempts to give our customers confidence in their safety, reliability, and performance. Certification by [RTJ Flange Suppliers] confirms a commitment to quality management and excellence in customer service. 

Usage Instructions 

It is, therefore, advisable that a routine inspection and cleaning be done in order to ensure a well-functioning and long service year of the [RTJ Flange]. The installation should be conducted following the guidelines from [RTJ Flange Manufacturers] so as to prevent common problems which mishandle functions. For troubleshooting and more specific maintenance procedures, refer to the user manual or contact our technical support team. 

The [RTJ Flange] is very important, more so in systems that are close tolerance in fitment and leak-proof in performance. It is applied in oil transmission, gas pipeline transmission, petrochemical plants, and facilities engaged in power generation. On the other hand, the [RTJ Flange Face] lies in maintaining the health of the system by providing total leak-proof tightness, even in applications with extremely high pressure and temperature. 

An [RTJ Flange] comes in handy in those applications with high pressure and high temperature, where safety in connection has to be assured with zero seepage. The rugged design assures durability and strength in many various situations. The enhanced power to seal through the use of the [RTJ Flange Gasket] is what has made it not only a critical requirement but widely used in important industrial applications as well. 

These can obviously be used in high-pressure service to ensure a tight connection. When it comes to these flanges, the huge opening is for allowing a rough mechanized body, with assured toughness and reliability, to function in a rough and tough work environment. The [RTJ Flange Suppliers] manufacture a complete range of RTJ flanges, including RTJ flanges for various industrial needs. This degree of flexibility makes them the most preferred supplier for projects that are demandingly engineered and perfectly reliable. 

Features and Benefits 


  • The advanced sealing technology used in the makes sure that the closure is completely air- or watertight and leakproof. 

  • The [RTJ Flange] is of rugged construction and perfect for use in very high-pressure and high-temperature applications. 

  • The design of the [RTJ flange face] enables ease of installation and maintenance, therefore reducing downtimes and labor costs. 


  • Long lifespan and low maintenance costs are attributed to the choice of durable construction and design materials. 

  • The ability to protect a leak makes the system more reliable and prevents damage to critical components in the system. 

  • A competitive [RTJ Flange Price] from [RTJ Flange Suppliers] ensures that businesses will not have to compromise on their budget and will be able to get high-quality flanges at very economical rates. 

Related Products 
To ensure comprehensive system protection and efficiency, consider integrating these related products: 

  • [Gate Valves]: Excellent throttling characteristics with high pressure domains. 

  • [Globe Valves]: They provide accurate throttling and can easily control the flow, which works great with the sealing capability of the RTJ flanges. 

  • [Strainers]: Filtering of debris and sediment protects RTJ flanges away from damaging, therefore extending their operational life and maintaining the flow efficiency. 

Secure your systems with our high-quality [RTJ Flange]. “Request a Quote” for bulk pricing, or “Contact Us for More Information” for customized solutions. Our expert team from [RTJ Flange Manufacturers] is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal flange to meet your specific needs. 

Support and Warranty Information 
Our [RTJ Flanges], [RTJ Flange Face], and [RTJ Flange Gasket] are all fully warranted and supported by reliable [RTJ Flange Suppliers]. We provide installation recommendations, operational support, and field services so that your flange will perform without a hitch over its service life. 

Size1/2″ to 48″ (As Per Requirement)
Material StandardStainless steel / Cast iron / Aluminium / Brass / Bronze / Plastic / M.S
Pressure Rating & Class150 / 300 / 400 / 600 / 900 / 1500 / 2500
ColorSilver / Black / Red / Pink / Blue / Purple / Gold / Orange / Grey
FinishingRaised face / Flat face
Usage/ApplicationPiping / Valves / Pumps / Process Plant
Thikness5mm to 50mm
ConnectionWelded / Screwed
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