Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve: Butterfly Valve has a similar operation like Ball Valve. It is used to block the flow of Media (like Water, Chemical etc.). Generally, user preferred butterfly valve instead of ball valve because it is economical. It is available in Minimum size of 40mm. Butterfly valve has a simple structure which is contain Body, Seal, Stem, Rubber seat (Nitrile, EPDM, Viton), Disc (Sg Iron, SS) & Lever. It is easy to use by Lever & Gear. It will also operate by Actuator. Basically, up to 150mm butterfly valve is operated by Hand Lever & Above 150mm butterfly valve is Gear Operated.

There is various type of Butterfly Valves Like: –
According to Flow of circuit

  • Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
  • Semi Lug Type Butterfly valve.
  • Lug Type Butterfly valve.
  • Double Flanged Type Butterfly valve.
  • Motorized Butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve is also known as quarter-turn valves in the family of Valves. Butterfly valve has a different type of pressure rating & Different usage which depends on MOC of rubber & Disc. Butterfly valve available in SG Iron (Cast Iron), Cast Steel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum body.

Body (MOC): SG Iron Body / Cast Iron Body / Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316) / Cast Carbon Steel / Aluminum / Ductile Iron / PP
Operator: Hand Lever Operated / GEAR Operated / Pneumatic Actuator Operated / Electrical Actuator Operated / Hand Wheel Operate
Disc: SG Iron Disc / CF8 /SS304 Disc / Cast / Iron Disc / CF8M / SS316 DISC / Cast Steel Disc / S.S 202 Disc / Ductile Iron Disc / PP Disc / Stainless Steel Disc
Pressure Rating: PN-10 / PN-16 / PN-20 / PN-25/ PN-30/ PN-40 / Class-125 / Class 150 / Class-300
End Connection: Flanged End / Screwed End / Wafer End
Temp: 100 C/ 180 C
ISI / Non-ISI: ISI & NON-ISI Both Available
Type: Wafer Type / Wafer Type with Lugs / Double Flange Type / Wafer Type Without Lugs / Wafer Type with Two Lugs / Wafer Type with Full Lug / Wafer Type Double Flange

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