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A breather valve, also known as a pressure-vacuum relief valve, is designed to manage the pressure inside storage tanks that hold volatile liquids or bulk materials. These valves open at a preset pressure or vacuum level to equalize pressure, preventing the tank from over-pressurizing or undergoing vacuum conditions that could lead to structural damage. They are critical for safety in industries like oil and gas, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, where proper pressure balance is essential for operational safety and environmental protection.

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High-Efficiency Breather Valve with Flame Arrestor for Industrial Safety 

Breather Valve can also be referred to as a pressure/vacuum relief valve used in many industrial storage tanks around the world for safety purposes. It works by breathing in or out the air to maintain constant pressures thereby preventing over-pressure or collapse due to vacuum conditions that may arise within tanks while being stored or processed. The presence of Breather Valves with Flame Arrestor is important because it stops flammable vapors from igniting making such valves necessary where there are volatile atmospheres.

Material Specifications:

The stainless steel material used ensures that these valves last long without corroding even when exposed to harsh environments (such as those found offshore). Most manufacturers producing breather valves today employ eco-friendly materials that meet current sustainability requirements thus lessening negative impacts on the environment yet keeping up necessary levels of safety plus performance together according to the highest standards set by relevant authorities involved across various industries concerned about this matter.

Technical Specifications:

Our Breather Valves are available in sizes between 2” to 12” diameters and with pressure settings ranging from -0.5 to 2.5 bar; these can handle a considerable flow rate making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications; Air Compressor Breather Valves are provided with the valves for systems that require accurate regulation of air pressure.

Standards and Compliance

International safety standards such as ASTM, API, and ISO 9001 are followed by this Breather Valve; this is an indication of our certifications which ensure that our valves will work reliably and safely under industrial conditions where they may be employed at any given time. Moreover, the ATEX directives have been met by the Breather Valve with Flame Arrestor, therefore, it can also be used in explosive atmosphere areas.

Usage Instructions

It is recommended that you frequently inspect and maintain the Breather Valve to achieve maximum performance. Periodically check the valve for blockages or damage, especially on flame arrestor elements. Ensure installation is done by a qualified technician who will configure it correctly according to operational needs. If there are any troubleshooting issues then refer to the detailed manual or contact the support team for help.


The Breather Valve is necessary to equalize pressure in storage tanks and processing vessels in various sectors such as petroleum and gas, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. The Breather Valve With Flame Arrestor is used in places where there might be explosive atmospheres because it stops outside ignition of flammable vapors escaping from tanks. An Air Compressor Breather Valve helps control internal pressure while preventing contamination within air compressor tanks hence making them more efficient and safe.

Features and Benefits


Automatic relief allows the best protection against overpressure and vacuum conditions.

Includes a safety feature that prevents flame passage Breather Valve With Flame Arrestor.

Made out of durable material that can resist corrosion thus offers a long lifespan.

Available with different specifications suitable for various industrial applications.


It maintains atmospheric pressure within storage tanks hence guarantees safety from tank rupture or implosion.

These valves are designed by manufacturers of breather valves in a manner that makes them respond quickly to pressure changes to increase system reliability.

The purpose of the Air Compressor Breather Valve is to protect air purity by not allowing oil mists and other impurities to escape into it.

They are made strong and with the right materials which makes them durable thus reducing the need for frequent maintenance and thus cutting down long-term operational costs.

Associated Items

Please match this Breather Valve with other control and safety items found in our store;

Safety Relief Valves: Used for protecting tanks as well as piping systems from being over-pressured.

Tank Vent Filters: These aid in cleaning the air exchanged with the atmosphere.

Flame Arrestors: These are additional safety devices used to prevent flames from spreading through pipelines.

In an industrial setting, these supportive commodities play a major role in establishing all-round safety measures. You can find each product elaborated on our site including its specifications and recommendations for use.

Have your industry’s safety and speed in our Breather Valve. “Request a Quote” for volume orders, or “Contact Us for More Information” to speak with one of our experts.

Warranty information and support

Our customer service and warranty framework is strong at Induskart when it comes to supporting the Breather Valve. Each valve has a 1-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. For efficient operation of your valves and extended durability, you need to have them installed properly so our technical support team will guide you on how to install them also gives operational troubleshooting tips along with maintenance tricks that will help them last longer.

What do You need to Know About Breather Valves?

In simple terms, if breather valve functioning can be defined then it would sound something similar to the nose in the human body. The breather valve or pressure/vacuum relief valve (PVRV) works to release excessive pressure created during the functioning of storage tanks. The excessive pressure created during operation is potent to create an explosion in tanks. To avoid such damage breather valve plays a key role. The breather valve at such times releases additional pressure and restores normal pressure. Similarly, if the tank is on emptying function and there is a vacuum created in the tank, this vacuum can lead to tank imploding conditions. To save the tank from imploding a breather valve would breathe in, sufficient air to restore normal functioning.

Now we know the crux functionality or breather and pressure release valves. You can now understand the importance of superior quality with such valves. If such valves installed are not of superior quality there are high chances of accidental damage to surrounding and people working at the plant.

Advantages of Breather Valve

  • Prevents pressure vapor loss
  • Low on maintenance
  • Avoids situations of Implosion and Explosions of tanks
  • Ensure the safety of the Pumping Station
  • Saves from Fire Hazards

Types of Breather Valves

There are various types and makes of breather valves available in the market these days. For example, PVC Breather Valve, Pilot operated relief valve, Tank blanketing valve, Gauge hatch, etc. Induskart is one of the top breather valve suppliers in the Indian market. We offer our customers with best quality breather valves available in the market at the best rates.

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