Fusible Plug

Fusible Plug

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Fusible Plug: A fusible plug operates as a safety valve when dangerous temperatures, rather than dangerous pressures, are reached in a closed vessel. In steam engines the fusible plug is screwed into the crown sheet (the top plate) of the firebox, typically extending about an inch (25mm) into the water space above it.

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Body (MOC):Bronze (Gun Metal ) / Forged Carbon Steel / Cast Steel
Material Grade:Bronze IBR Clause 282 (a) IV GrB / Forged Carbon Steel ASTM A105
Type:Loco Type
Pattern:1 PC Design / 2 PC Design
End Connection:Screwed End (NPT , BSPT) / S/W
End Connection Type:Screwed male BSP Taper thread to BS-21 / Screwed male BSP Taper threads to BS-21 / Male BSP Taper Threads to BS-21 / “Screwed Male BSP Taper Threads to BS EN 10226-1” / “Screwed Male BSP Taper Threads to BS EN 10226-1 ” / Screwed End
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