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A non-return valve, also known as a check valve, is designed to allow fluid to flow through it in only one direction. This type of valve is crucial for preventing the backflow of fluid, which could potentially cause damage or disrupt operation in systems like pumping stations, hydraulic systems, and water supply networks. Non-return valves automatically open under forward flow and close when the flow ceases or reverses, operating entirely by the pressure of the fluid being handled without the need for manual intervention. Their simple design and effective functionality make them indispensable in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of fluid control systems.

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Robust Dual Plate Non Return Valve for Industrial and Applications 

The Non-Return Valve (commonly known as a check valve) is designed to prevent the flow of fluid back into the pipes. This is very important in pumping water systems where it prevents system backflows and safeguards pumps against damage. The Dual Plate Non-Return Valve offers a compact design with better sealing capabilities and hence can be used in tight spaces or for high flow applications.

Material Specifications:

These valves are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel and PVC, which enhance their longevity. The materials selected are resistant to corrosion and are environmentally friendly, thus complying with current sustainability standards.

Technical Specifications:

We offer different sizes of our Non-Return Valves including Wafer Type NRV Valve and Pilot Operated Non-Return Valve among others so that they can fit any system requirement. They can withstand pressures of up to 420 bars as well as temperatures ranging from -196°C to 600°C thereby making them suitable for use under different operational environments. Swing, lift, and dual plate models are some types of NRV valves available, each optimized for specific flow dynamics.

Standards and Compliance

The Non Return Valve conforms with international standards such as ASTM, API, and ISO 9001. All valves are tested stringently against these standards to ensure that they perform at their best and remain reliable. Our credentials as a Non Return Valve Manufacturer and Non Return Valve Supplier show our dedication towards quality and customer satisfaction which builds confidence in the industry acceptance and safety of our products.

Usage Instructions

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that this equipment functions optimally as a Non Return Valve over an extended period. This maintenance should include frequent inspections for wear and tear, as well as the removal of dirt particles, especially in critical applications where it is used as a Non Return Valve for Water Pump. A common issue that can impair valve operation is improper installation, often due to incorrect positioning. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during installation. If you encounter any problems or need assistance with maintenance, please refer to the detailed manual provided or contact our professional team for support.


The Non Return Valve is also referred to as the NRV Valve and the Non Return Check Valve in some specialized versions. This valve is needed by systems that only allow flow in one direction to prevent backflow that can cause failure or endanger life. They are used in plumbing systems, water treatment plants, and heavy industries where backflows may lead to serious operational problems. Moreover, there exists an optimization of the NRV Non Return Valve type for situations with fast response to changes in the direction of flow.

Features and Benefits


The strong design of A Non Return Valve enables it to be fitted horizontally or vertically in different pipe systems.

It incorporates functions of Check Valve Non Return Valve which prevent backflow automatically to improve the safety and efficiency of the system.

There are varieties of NRV Type such as swing, lift, and tilting discs that can be used based on different operational requirements and flow characteristics.

The Dual Plate Non Return Valve is efficient in terms of space utilization especially when dealing with large diameter pipes thus reducing the pressure drop across the valve.


Safeguards pumps and compressors against water hammer as well as back pressure.

It ensures that there are minimal operational disruptions thus improving the reliability of the whole system.

Low maintenance requirements and cost-effective NRV valve prices contribute to a cheaper total cost of ownership.

By preventing reverse flow incidents, this valve helps systems comply with safety and environmental regulations, thereby reducing the risk of environmental damage. It ensures that potentially hazardous fluids do not backflow into the clean water supply or the environment, which could lead to contamination and regulatory violations.

Other products

Below are some related items that can be used alongside each other to realize complete protection against backflows:

Pressure relief valves: These should be fitted where there is a likelihood of excess pressure building up to allow for safe venting without causing any harm.

Butterfly valves: They offer an efficient way of controlling flow rates which may be used together with non-return functionalities to enhance control capabilities further.

Water filters: They help in purifying the contents of a system while also safeguarding against sediments or debris clogging up non-return valves thereby hindering their performance.

Guard against backflow in your systems with our dependable Non Return Valve. ‘Contact Us for More Information’ to get professional advice and tailored solutions. Our team is prepared to help you with all your valve requirements.

Support and Warranty Information

Our Non Return Valves like the PVC Non Return Valve and Wafer Type NRV Valve, are covered by complete manufacturer’s backing plus a warranty that caters to faults and breakdowns. We have all-inclusive after-sale services which involve installation assistance together with maintenance tips from knowledgeable Non Return Valve Suppliers.

What are the applications of a non-return valve?
  • They are used for industrial purposes such as
    • Chemical industries
    • Power plant industries
    • Dump lines
    • Wastewater management plants
  • They are used for pumping systems
    • Water pumping
    • Metering pumps
    • Feed pumps
  • They are used for domestic purposes
    • Irrigation sprinklers
    • Solar installation
    • Hydraulic pump jacks
How does a non-return valve work?Firstly for the functioning of the non-return valve it requires a minimum pressure or the upstream pressure is required for the opening of the valve. The pressure at which the valve opening takes place is called cracking pressure. The cracking pressure of each such valve depends upon the size and diameter of the valve. They could also be varying upon the upstream pressure required for the functioning; high-pressure types of equipment may require a greater cracking pressure.What if the upstream pressure falls below the cracking pressure? This will lead to the backflow of the fluid. In this situation, the non-return valve will get closed. The closing of the valve may depend upon the prevailing situation such as pressure on the gate, ball, diaphragm, etc.What are the various types of non-return valves?Ball non-return valveA ball non-return valve uses a free-floating or a spring-loaded ball that rests on the sealing seat to close the office. This ball is used to check and stop the backflow of fluid when the pressure of the fluid in the inlet side exceeds the cracking pressure; the ball is dislodged from its seat and allowsflow to occur. When the inlet pressure doesn’t exceed the cracking pressure, or there isback pressure, the ball will close with thebackpressure or via the spring, effectively closing the orifice. The free-floating ball is used for low-pressure applications and the spring-loaded ball is used for high-pressure applications.What are the applications of ball non-return valves?
  • Pumping stations
  • Metering pumps
  • Chromatography pumps
Spring-loaded inline non-return valveIn-line spring-loaded is one of the most common types of non-return valve used. When flow enters from the input port of the valve it has more pressure than the cracking pressure and the spring pressure. Due to which it pushes the disc and allows the fluid to move ahead through the valve, once the input pressure is less than the cracking pressure or there is the backflow of fluid it will again back press the disk against the orifice to create a sealing application. They are also called nozzle non-return valves or silent check valves.What are the applications of spring-loaded in-line non-return valves?
  • Pumping stations
  • Firefighter water pumps
  • Hydraulic pumps
Spring-loaded y non-return valveThey are very similar to the in-line spring-loaded. They both tend to work on the same lines of working principles. The only difference between both of them is the placement of the disc. Here in spring-loaded y type, the disc is placed at an angle to the fluid flowing direction. This helps in maintaining the non-return valve from the pipeline.What are the applications of spring-loaded y type?
  • Used in pumping systems
  • Chemical industries
  • Pipelines
DiaphragmThe diaphragm non-return valve consists of Diaphragm which opens when there is inlet pressure. The Diaphragm is very soft and elastic. It has a normal opening which means it does not require any cracking pressure. When the inlet pressure incurs Diaphragm flexes, as the pressure keeps on increasing the Diaphragm keeps on flexing more.If backpressure occurs (or it is a normally closed diaphragm check valve) the diaphragm will be forced against the opening and seal it to prevent any backflowWhat are the applications of the diaphragm non-return valve?
  • Vacuum systems
  • Food industry
  • Solar industries
Butterfly non-return valveA butterfly check valve is also known as a dual, folding disk, double disk, or splits check valve. The halves of the disk open toward the centerline, as seen in the diagram, during the forward flow of the fluid. With reverse flow, the halves open and seal the pipe. The short distance that the halves have to travel lessens the slamming effect on the disks.What are the applications of the butterfly non-return valves?
  • Ventilating systems
  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning system
Dual non-return valvesDual non-return valves are also known as double check valves. As the name suggests in one mechanism they consist of two non-return valves. In Which both of them work independently. The main benefit is if one stops working. The other one acts as a backup to perform the function. They are also used in a situation wherein there is dealing with high pressure, this helps in distribution of high pressure in both the valves equally and work more efficiently.What are the applications of dual non-return valves?
  • Combi boiler system
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Lawn irrigation facilities
Swing non-return valvesThey consist of the disc or a trunnion that swings open with an inlet pressure. If In a situation there is the backflow of pressure or the inlet pressure decreases this will result in shutting off the discs and create a sealing effect. The body of the swing check valve is available in a Y-pattern or straight body design. The straight body design has the disc hinged at the top so that it seals against the seat, which is integral to the body. A single-disc swing check valve is designed with the closure element attached to the top of the cap.What are the applications of swing non-return valve?
  • Sewage treatment
  • Wastewater management plant
  • Household items
Ball non-return valveCan be used with all types of fluids such as liquid or in the gaseous state. Can be installed for vertical flow too.Not suitable for high pressures.
Spring-loaded in lineWide range of uses Safeguards pipes from the hammering effect.They could not be opened up for repairing
Spring-loaded y typeSafeguards pipes from the hammering effect They could be opened up for maintenance and repairThey are heavier and acquire a huge space
Diaphragm non-return valvesThey have a very flexible disc. Good sealing effectNot economical for maintenance.
Butterfly non-return valvesHas faster functioning Wide range of usesThey are not suitable for very high pressure.
Dual non-return valvesHelps in the distribution of pressure Acts as backup if one check valve stops functioningThey are very costly and acquire huge space.
Swing non-return valveThey have replaceable seat rings Low turbulence and pressure drop Easy openings at a lower pressure.The continual flapping would harm the seating elements
What are the various types of non-return valves based on the material used?BrassBrass material is very versatile it could be used for liquid, solid, and even for gaseous materials. They are not recommended for seawater as they would get corroded easily. They are usually used for pressure and low-temperature applications. They are cost-effective.PVC(polyvinyl chloride)PVC is a very common material that is used for low-temperature applications wherein the temperature does not exist 60 degrees Celsius. They are anti-corrosive and could be used in seawater and humid atmosphere. They are very cost-friendly.Stainless steelThey are one of the strongest and durable materials. They are used in high temperature and high pressure for heavy applications. They have the most superior corrosion resistive properties. They are expensive compared to the PVC and brass-type non-return valves.What are the advantages of non-return valves?
  • They prevent the backflow of fluid
  • Self-actuated as well as automated actuated
  • They are available in wide ranges as per the requirements of the customer
  • Fewer moving parts
  • They play a major role in preventing backflow
  • They require minimal power to operate
  • Fast functioning
  • They perform in high as well as low pressure
What are the disadvantages of a non-return valve?
  • Internal parts could not be checked for repairing or maintenance
  • Noise caused by slamming of discs
Disc:Forged Brass Body / Forged Carbon Steel Body / Bronze (Gun Metal) / Cast Iron / Cast Carbon Steel / SG Iron / Stainless Steel (SS202, SS304, SS316) / Cast Stainless Steel / PP / HDPE / Forged Stainless Steel (F304, F316)
Operator:Hand Wheel Operated
Body (MOC):Forged Brass Body / Forged Carbon Steel Body / Bronze (Gun Metal Body) / Cast Iron / Cast Carbon Steel / SG Iron / Stainless Steel (SS202, SS304, SS316) / Cast Stainless Steel / PP / HDPE / Forged Stainless Steel (F304, F316)
Pressure Rating:Class-125 / Class-150 / Class-300 / Class-600 / Class-800 / Class-900 / Class-1500 / Class-2500 / PN-6 / PN-10/ PN-16 / PN-20 / PN-25 / PN-30 / PN-40 / PN-100 / Class-1 / Class-2 / 20 kgf/cm2 (300 LBS) / 40 kgf/cm2 (600 LBS) / 40 kg/cm2 (600 LBS)
Type:Horizontal Type / Vertical Type / Swing Type Non-Return Valve / Feed Check Valve Type / Angle Type / Lift Check Valve Wafer Type / Dual Plate Type / Disc Check Valve Type / Wafer Type / Ball Type / Piston Lift Up Type / Flap Type / O.S And Yoke Type / Y Type
ISI / Non-ISI:ISI & Non-ISI Both Available
IBR / Non-IBR:IBR & Non-IBR Both Available
IBR / Non-IBR:IBR & Non IBR Both Available
End Connection:Socket Weld End / Flanged End / Screwed End / Wafer End / Solid Lug Type Butt Weld End / Female Ends / Flanged End
Temp:100 C degree / 250 C degree
Bore Type:Reduced Bore / Full Bore / Standard Bore
Design:1 PC Design / 2 PC Design / Wafer Type / Flanged Type
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