Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti Fatigue Mat

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Anti Fatigue Mat
Standing for long periods on surfaces like cement floors can cause fatigue. Fatigue-reducing mats are used to counter this problem which can be made from materials like rubber, foam, vinyl, etc.

Why use it?
While standing for a longer time, body parts like muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, soft tissues, bones, and joints may lead to serious medical problems over time. The cushioning available in these mats provide comfort underfoot. It allows subtle foot movement, due to which muscle contraction and expansion occurs. This also helps in proper blood flow in the body. A proper mat helps in reducing fatigue and pain in the muscle.

How much does it cost?

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. Mats are anti-slip and provide improved standing comfort. This leads to safety for workers, reducing the risk of slipping and tripping. This leads to increased productivity of workers.

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Major benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

  1. As the name suggests, the major use of mat is to reduce fatigue which occurs by standing for a long time, and its health implications. A person standing for long hours can understand the uncomfort felt by continuous standing.
  2. The high cushion material minimizes long-term medical problems like joint pain, muscle pain, etc.
  3. Slipping and tripping are one of the major factors leading to an accident in factories. These tiles are provided with surface finishes which makes it anti-slippery and the comfort due to cushion helps to avoid tripping due to fatigue.
  4. They are easy to clean and are low maintenance.

For the best outcome, the mats should be used with proper footwear. For example, footwear with a flat sole should be used with anti-fatigue mats rather than heels to provide better results

How to Select These Mats?
The following points should be considered while buying a mat:

  1. Purpose: Choose the mat as per your specific requirement.
  2. Thickness: Various thicknesses and densities of material are available in the market. Thicker and softer don’t always mean better.
  3. Compatibility of mats with the environment of application: Consider the factor like anti-slip property to avoid any trips, the cleanliness feasibility, etc.

Induskart Engitech LLP can help with these questions and provide a proper solution and a suitable product as per your requirement.


Specification Of Anti Fatigue Mat

Standard Thickness:17mm and 21mm
Sizes:As per customer requirement
Structure:Sandwich (Foam & Rubber)
Colour:Body: Black, Edges: Yellow
Cutting:Cannot be cut due to the presence of foam
Cleaning:Damping, Moping, vacuum Cleaned
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