Best Quality PVC Interlocking Floor Tile Manufacturers in India

Best Quality PVC Interlocking Floor Tile Manufacturers in India

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PVC Tiles also known as PVC Interlocking Tiles are solutions for industries where many people walk through or vehicles like forklifts & trolleys move. In these work environments, the Flooring is prone to damages and decreased life of floors. To increase life expectancy by an average of two to three times, Induskart brings you Tiepro interlocking PVC floor Tiles. These are easy to install, can be reused, and are quick to dismantle and moved to another location if you chose to shift.

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Flooring is the most crucial aspect of any construction. It is like a silent star that can make or break the show of the entire setup and yet often stays on the backfoot. The key aspect that needs to be considered while flooring selection is the usage of the space. Generally, it has to notice that flooring maintenance costs go higher than initial installations because of the wrong product choice at the beginning. At Induskart we have often observed organizations facing similar grave issues that keep management on toes for years with the primary problem unresolved. We are proud to introduce a revolutionary solution to these and other such grave issues with flooring. TIEPRO PVC interlocking tiles, you might be aware of the strengths of PVC, now get all those strengths of PVC material transformed to your flooring that too negating the drawbacks that is what TIEPRO PVC tiles are all about. TIEPRO PVC floor tiles solution by Induskart. Tiepro is a unique range of PVC flooring tiles for industrial and heavy traffic occupied flooring.

How TIEPRO PVC Floor Tiles are different?

Induskart has years of experience dealing in industrial products for various uses. We have observed clients genuinely struggling with flooring maintenance and installation issues. Our inspiration for TIEPRO is those clients looking for some permanent solution to the problem.

TIEPRO tiles are carved out to sustain heavy industrial use. TIEPRO are interlocking pattern PVC floor tiles. The interlocking feature makes them easy to install and easy to replace weathered or broken pieces from the entire area. It is available in many different colors and shades to maintain the beauty of aesthetics. The industry has been looking for flooring that was sturdy, easy to maintain and install, beautiful, and yet at low prices. TIEPRO is the ultimate solution to all these requirements. TIEPRO interlocking PVC floor tiles can dramatically reduce the costs of maintenance and installation as well as replacements whenever required.

Are PVC Flooring Tiles right for my Space?

There are several conventional flooring options available in the market starting from Marble to Ceramic tiles. Some spaces also opt to stick to basic cement coverage without any specific flooring addition considering costs and future maintenances of these flooring options. Under such a situation exploring unconventional options like PVC interlocking floor tiles can change the game. Tiepro PVC interlocking floor tiles are a unique option to complicated flooring requirements. If the floor is a space that has to withstand heavy traffic and sturdy usages these tiles can sustain the circumstances. Additionally, if due to wear and tear there arises a need to repair or replace a piece of flooring it is very convenient to replace the broken patch and insert a brand-new block without any major labor help or requiring to redo the complete area. Another significant benefit of these tiles is that they can easily be installed to a different area or shifted literally without major costs. Plastic PVC interlocking tiles are anti-skid due to their make, areas prone to skid mishaps can be guarded with these surface flooring. If a few of these factors can help your space then surely PVC flooring tiles are the right choice for your flooring needs.

Where can PVC Floor Tiles be used ideally?

Tiepro PVC floor tiles manufacture a wide range of options in PVC interlocking tiles flooring. There are various designs and color options to choose from. PVC flooring is ideal at some places over others but clients can always use them according to their discretion as per requirements.

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Workshops
  • Gyms
  • Shopping Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Offices

PVC flooring has multiple advantages over other floorings, which makes them the best choice where surfaces are prone to mishaps or damages due to strenuous use. Floor areas that require good durability on equipment drop or skids are the right choice for Interlocking tilesPVC interlocking floor tiles price are lower than other options like Marble or Ceramic flooring bringing down the costs incurred on flooring.

TIEPRO Interlocking PVC floor tiles Installation

The complex care that we take while manufacturing helps TIEPRO to install with ease. All the TIEPRO interlocking floor tiles go through superior quality checks makes them the best final product. The size and cuts comply with optimal performance. It is easy to install TIEPRO PVC flooring with few types of equipment.

Things Required for Easy Installation

  • Metal Ruler
  • Measuring Tape
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Chalk Line Reel
  • Good quality Sharp Cutter

Detailed Installation Process

Check the evenness of the surface that PVC tiles would be laid on. If somehow the surface is uneven, please work out to even the surface. An uneven surface would lead to patches of flooring pop out.

Clean the surface properly with a dry broom or with a wet mop depending on the quantity and quality of dirt.

  • If the surface has been wet-cleaned let the surface dry out. The surface is now ready to be used to begin the flooring process.
  • Make a straight line in the middle of the area.
  • Along the drawn line, start placing tiles with the help of a Rubber mallet locking pieces properly.
  • The locking should be done properly without any hurry and properly locking the pieces.
  • Once the central part is completed you can now move towards the ends of an area where pieces would need to be cut to take the proper area shape.
  • This can be done easily by measuring the left area to the wall and along the measure drawing lines on tiles.
  • Along the drawn line a sharp cutter would help cut the extra part of the tiles.
  • In the same manner as previously done lock the tile pieces on the three sides making them beautifully fit the space.
  • Well, that’s it! this is all you need to do as part of the installation. The flooring is now ready to use, unlike other flooring options that need to wait for days to dry out, and patches in PVC floor tiles are ready to use just after installation.

It is easy to install these tiles, one can also refer to the video link for further help. Cutting the tiles might need some skill of measuring and alignment which are basic to any flooring needs. There are no additional adhesives or liquids required before flooring. Tiepro interlocking tiles are sturdy to stay in place on their own.

Unique features and Advantages of TIEPRO Interlocking PVC tiles

Engineered for Utility: TIEPRO is primarily engineered for its utility value. We have numerous flooring options but there are only a few of them that are useful in specific requirements or there are few advantages over others. But, TIEPRO interlocking PVC tiles are made only to meet all the utility requirements. Our skilled engineers have put their best creativity keeping in mind the final user.

Sturdy: TIEPRO tiles are sturdy, they can last a long life witnessing heavy traffic and weathered use. Unless major misuse or accidents there are hardly any damages to the product.

Beautiful Aesthetics: It is generally believed that interlocking tiles could not give that visual appeal, but TIEPRO will change this belief. TIEPRO interlocking PVC tiles have great aesthetics that would give a makeover to your space.

Anti-Skid or Slip: Few floorings make it difficult to manage a good grip, there is a likelihood of accidents and mishaps due to those slippery floors. TIEPRO interlocking PVC tiles eliminates this and enable easy working without chances to fall or skids.

Resistant to Spill: It is normal to observe spillages of different substances in industrial areas. Other floorings might lead to damage and color variations under such situations but TIEPRO is spill-resistant. It is durable to major chemicals and oils and can be easily cleaned with a wet or dry cloth or broom.

Easy Installation: Forget the days when you had to invest working days for your flooring work to get completed and begin working. TIEPRO can be installed easily without the requirement for skilled labor and the flooring can be used almost immediately. There is no need to wait for the floor to dry before beginning work.

UV Resistant: TIEPRO is sturdy enough to withstand long summer days without any issues. The color would not fade out and the flooring would not show any other major concerns to the sun.

Technical Details of PVC Flooring Tiles

  • Tiles are electrically resistant and passed BS3187/1959 test.
  • They show good resistance to chemicals like 95% ethanol, various oils, hydrofluoric acid, etc.
  • The weight of each tile and the density helps to reduce noise.
  • The tiles are low maintenance. Although they are resistant to many chemicals it is suggested to remove any spillage at the same time.
  • PVC Flooring Tiles have passed the Hot metal nut test.

Superior Quality PVC tiles Manufacturers

TIEPRO PVC floor tiles are a promise of quality from Induskart. We want our clients to enjoy worry-free PVC flooring solutions with TIEPRO. Generally, PVC interlocking tiles suppliers in India focus on bringing down the cost of the product. In this race to bring down the cost, they often opt for inferior raw materials that ultimately affect the quality of PVC tiles. But, TIEPRO has been developed to provide superior quality PVC tiles in India. We tolerate ZERO compromises with the quality of raw material, we are in no futile race to provide cheap but low-quality PVC tiles to our clients because we understand a short-term cost-cutting is a long-term loss. From procuring good quality raw materials to multiple quality checks passed product is the promise of TIEPRO manufacturing. It is our aim that no matter who purchases the TIEPRO PVC interlocking tiles they would only receive the best quality interlocking tiles that would last for years.

Availability of PVC Floor Tiles

TIEPRO PVC interlocking tiles from Induskart are available in many different sizes, dimensions and color options. Induskart supplies wholesale interlocking PVC floor tilesin India and overseasand is a reputed name amongst PVC interlocking tiles suppliers in India. You can contact us or write an email inquiring about PVC Interlocking floor tiles price.All the queries would be dealt by dedicated team of executives. TIEPRO interlocking tiles are also available on customized sizes and color as per order. You can get your customized interlocking tiles as per personal requirements. Induskart supplies interlocking PVC floor tilesat UK, US, Canada, South Africa and Middle East. We ensure best services end-to-end for all our supplies. Avail assured best quality PVC interlocking tiles only from Induskart.


Specifications Of PVC Tiles

Tensile Strength:2:80kg/cm
Elongation rate:280%
Hardness (Shore D):70
Tear Strength:30kg/cm
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