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Industrial Brush

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Introduction to door seals

Exterior doors, by their design, are not capable to provide complete sealing against dust, cold air, insects and other pests. For doing so, the door will be required to be dragged on the floor itself. This is not practical as it will make it hard & create difficulty in opening and closing the door.To cater to this problem, door seals are used, which act as a barrier. These are of various kinds. Can be made up of brush-like bristles, rubber, or other material.

The use of Induskart offered high-quality metal door brush seal as sealing device is a proven successful barrier in industrial & household applications. The fine bristles in our seal are suitable for all surfaces including uneven ones. The flexible bristles provide almost frictionless movement to the doors. The seals are suitable for locking out light, air, dust, contamination and pests. They prevent a significant amount of air filtration which leads to energy saving also.

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Installation and Maintenance

Door seals are always suggested to be installed on the outer side of the door to work with maximum efficiency. Although the design can be modified and installed on the inner side as per the requirement of the job. By aligning the seal as per requirement, the metal strip of the seal can be installed easily using screws. No skilled labor is required for installation.

Although the bristles have a very long life, the seal can bend, break or crack due to improper handling and use of the door. It is suggested to replace them, which is as easy as the installation part.

Selection of correct product

We have a stock of industrial brushes in various kinds and sizes. Although, proper selection of material is based upon the application, surface finish and other factors. You can reach us from the Contact section, our team will align you with a sales engineer to understand the requirement & reach the best available solution as per requirement.


Specification Of Industrial Brush

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