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Frame Fixing Anchors

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Frame Fixing Anchors: Plastic frame fixings are the ideal solution for the fixing of facade constructions, roof substructures, heavy wall cabinets, squared timbers, cable trays, gates and doors. With the long plug shaft, these can be directly secured in the building substrate through the attachment part.

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Frame Fixing Anchor 

The [Frame Fixing Anchor] is an essential fastening solution designed for securely attaching frames, windows, and doors to concrete, brick, and block substrates. It provides a reliable and durable hold, making it ideal for both residential and commercial construction projects. The unique design ensures a firm grip, enhancing the stability and safety of installations. 

Material Specifications 

All the nylon frame fixings are made from high-quality materials that provide strength, flexibility, and resistance under environmental stressors. The supplied products are either with carbon steel or with stainless steel screws; the latter is better for corrosion resistance with respect to hardware and lasts longer. The materials are especially noted for the robust way they handle in various environmental conditions, promising long-term reliability. 

Technical Specifications 

They come in various sizes: from 5 mm to 12 mm in diameter, and up to 160 mm in length. The diameters of the drilled holes required vary from 5 mm to 12 mm, all depending on the size of the frame fixing anchor. There is a wide range of anchor lengths: 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 135 mm, and 160 mm; these cover the different thicknesses of fixtures and various installation requirements. 

Standards and Compliance 

Each [Frame Fixing Anchor] conforms to the ASTM, DIN, and ISO 9001 international quality standards. As the leading [Frame Fixing Anchor Suppliers], we make sure that our products conform to near measures under these standards to assure our clients of the safety, reliability, and performance they offer. The certification from [Frame Fixing Anchor Manufacturers] is a guarantee that the quality management and excellence in customer service have been observed. 

Usage Instructions 

For maximum performance and life of your [Frame Fixing Anchor], proper installation is necessary. The correct size hole is drilled, suctions are removed, and the anchor is inserted through the fixture and into the hole. By tightening the screw, the anchor expands and secures the fixture. For a more detailed installation guide, please check the user manual or contact our technical support staff. 


This Frame Fixing Anchor is of immense importance for all construction works where there arises a need to attach window and door frames firmly and robustly, fasten battens, and other fixtures to masonry substrates. It finds tremendous use in anchoring wall plates, fitting door and window frames, and securing garage doors. 

The Nylon Frame Fixing Anchor has good use, more so in both indoor and outdoor settings since it is resistant to tough weather and exposure to chemicals. The powerful formulations give strength for commercial performance under variable conditions. The Anchor Bolt Sleeves are versatile in applications to fix fixtures in place within concrete and masonry structures. 

The [Frame Fixing Anchor] is created in a way that it can be precisely fixed in the application that is undergoing the most stress. It is highly built with a very robust mechanism to make it durable and reliable, with the ability to even work under very harsh and demanding applications. [Frame Fixing Anchor Manufacturers] provide a range of frame fixing anchors, even adjusted to cater to specific industrial needs. This makes them the most preferred suppliers for projects that involve precision engineering and reliability. 

Features and Benefits 


  • Good quality nylon material ensures there is enough strength and flexibility in the product. 
  • The [Frame Fixing Anchor] has a very high capacity to take loads, which is suitable for anchoring critical fastening applications. 
  • Versatility is built in with the [Frame Fixing Anchor], and installation is easily and quickly done with minimal downtime and reduction of labor costs. 


  • Maintenance requirements are thus minimal, with a long life of service assured through the tough construction and material used. 
  • The structural reliability and safety of the humans are enhanced by the effectiveness of the firm grip that the [Frame Fixing Anchor] ensures. 
  • Getting the anchoring solutions cost-effective from competitive [Frame Fixing Anchor Price] suppliers and manufacturers of [Frame Fixing Anchor Suppliers] that provide both maximum quality and anchoring solutions at affordable price points. 

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Use the following related products to ensure total protection and efficiency of the system: 

  • [Chemical Anchors]: It gives unrivaled solution for anchoring with high tensile strength in hard construction environments. 
  • [Mechanical Fasteners]: Provides high strength accurate joining solutions that work with the holding power of the frame fixing anchors. 
  • Anchor Fasteners: These provide fastening in concrete and masonry structures safely and reliably so that the operational life of these structures will be increased, with assurance of their integrity. 

Call to Action 

“Request a Quote” for bulk purchases, and “Contact Us for More Information” for custom solutions so that you will be able to contact our expert team from [Frame Fixing Anchor Manufacturers] to make the best recommendations for anchors to suit your requirement. 

Support and Warranty Information 

We are the most confident suppliers of Frame Fixing Anchors to guarantee full support and commitment of complete customer satisfaction from our trusted Frame Fixing Anchor Suppliers. In addition to this, we support you on its installation and operational support, including troubleshooting, in the proper working of your anchor throughout its full service life. 

Size in Dia6mm to 182mm
LengthUp to 500 mm
MaterialSteel Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel (SS-304, SS-316) / Metal
Usage/ApplicationStructures to concrete / Construction
Head typeFlat / Oval / Pan / Truss / Round / Hex / Hex Washer / Slotted Hex Washer / Socket Cap / Button
GradeGrade 2 / Grade 5 / Grade 8 / Grade A325 / 18-8 Stainless / Class 8.8 / Class 10.9 / Class 12.9 / A-2 Stainless
Thread TypeFull Thread / Partial Thread
Approvals / Test ReportETA Apporved / ICC Apporved / SEISMIC C12 Apporved
Overall Length25 mm to 440 mm
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