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Pin Type Anchor

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Pin Type Anchor: Pin type anchor bolts find their use in soft masonry to reduce the effect of vibration and pressure. The most significant advantage of using these bolts is that it can be replaced without affecting the holding strength of the anchor system.

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Pin Type Anchor Fastener 

The [Pin Type Anchor Fastener] is a versatile and reliable solution designed for securing fixtures to concrete, brick, and other masonry surfaces. It provides a strong, durable hold, making it ideal for various construction and industrial applications. These anchors are known for their ease of installation and high load-bearing capacity. 

Material Specifications 

PDPS Pin Type Anchor Fasteners are designed from the best quality Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and Zinc Plated Steel to confirm extra strength, maximum durability, and best corrosion resistance. The hooks are such designed that they will yield a very firm and stable type of connection with no possibility at all of joggling or fall. 

Technical Specifications 

Normally sizes available for these are from 6 mm up to 24 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in length. The fixing tool can be accommodated inside the anchor, and the load can be properly held on the fixing when it is used over concrete or masonry material. The size of the anchor is mentioned according to the diameter, length, and maximum expansion. For instance, it can hold a tensile load of 5000 lbs and a shear load of 3000 lbs. 

Standards and Compliance 

Each [Pin Type Anchor Fastener] adheres to the standards set by ASTM, DIN and ISO 9001. As one of the acclaimed [Pin Type Anchor Fastener Exporters], we are careful to put up the manufacturing under stringent testing conditions in order to meet said standards, and therefore all our clients have every reason to rely on the safety, reliability, and the consistency that the products offer. Certification of these [Pin Type Anchor Fasteners] says more about their quality management and excellence in customer service. 

Usage Instructions 

Always follow the installation guidelines to get optimum performance from your and increase its lifespan. Drill the hole with the right diameter, free from debris, then install the anchor in the drilled hole. Drive the pin with a setting tool, and the unit will expand and lock in. Note: see user manual or contact our technical support team for full instruction. 


This type of bolt finds a lot of application in construction and industrial work, where heavy and strong fastening is required in the application. Typically, it is widely used in anchoring structural beams, anchoring heavy machinery to floors, and fixing safety barriers. Particularly, this form of [Pin Type Anchor Bolt] is critical for applications with a relatively heavy load in which reliability is of great importance. 

It is therefore ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, as it is greatly resistant to the actions of weather and chemicals. The hardy and strong formulations make it highly durable and reliable in a broad range of conditions. Anchor sleeves have gained immense popularity because of ease of use under all conditions and offer great flexibility to anchor fixtures in concrete and masonry structures. 

The Pin Type Anchor Fastener is designed to take you into the most hostile fastening environment. The heavy-duty mechanism it possesses creates a durable and reliable system of such fastening under rough and hard conditions. Manufacturers of the Pin Type Anchor Fastener offer a huge spectrum of pin types, from customized solutions geared to answer some of the specific industrial requirements. This makes them preferable supply companies in those projects that require precise engineering and reliability. 

Features and Benefits 


  • It will make sure that the material quality is top-notch to achieve super strength and flexibility. 
  • The [Pin Type Anchor Fastener] will perform well in standing huge loads. 
  • The quick versatility and simplicity in the design of the [Pin Type Anchor Fastener] make it easy and quick to attach; this greatly saves the labour cost and therefore time. 


  • The durability and low maintenance come from the materials of solid construction and design. 
  • The Pin Type Anchor Fastener braking system allows for hard anchoring. 
  • The [Pin Type Anchor Fastener Price] from [Pin Type Anchor Fastener Suppliers] is, therefore, competitive and offers businesses anchoring front solutions at friendly prices. 

Related Products 

These related products can be included to ensure the system is totally secure and efficient : 

  • [Chemical Anchors]: This is that anchorage which is strong for most applications in construction across a wide. 
  • Mechanical Fasteners: Mechanically strong types of fastening solutions that are securing and reliable. They complement pin-type anchors. 
  • Fastening securely into concrete and masonry structures provides dependability and security of the system in preserving the durability of the structures. 

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Request a Quote – For best price. Contact Us for More details – Your inquiry and our response. Our team of experts from [Pin Type Anchor Fastener Manufacturers] is at your disposal to help select the proper anchor for full satisfaction of your needs. 

Support and Warranty Information 

Our [Pin Type Anchor Fasteners] are completely warranty protected and backed with full customer support carried on by respected [Pin Type Anchor Fastener Suppliers]. We can provide you with installation techniques, operational support, and troubleshooting services for best performance over the service life of your anchor. 

Size in Dia:6mm to 182mm
Length:Up to 500 mm
Material:Steel Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel (SS-304, SS-316) / Metal
Usage/Application:Structures to concrete / Construction
Head type:Flat / Oval / Pan / Truss / Round / Hex / Hex Washer / Slotted Hex Washer / Socket Cap / Button
Grade:Grade 2 / Grade 5 / Grade 8 / Grade A325 / 18-8 Stainless / Class 8.8 / Class 10.9 / Class 12.9 / A-2 Stainless
Thread Type:Full Thread / Partial Thread
Approvals / Test Report:ETA Apporved / ICC Apporved / SEISMIC C12 Apporved
Overall Length:25 mm to 440 mm
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