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Rebar Chemical: Rebaring technique in reinforced concrete construction is a method for proper fabrication and placement of reinforcement bars as per the design and drawings for RCC works. The reinforcement bars are mainly patterned over its surface to facilitate proper bonding with the concrete.

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Rebaring Chemical 

The [ Rebaring Chemical] is a high-performance adhesive used for anchoring and rebaring applications in construction. It provides a secure and durable bond between rebar and concrete, making it essential for structural strengthening and repair work. The [ Rebaring Chemical] is known for its superior bonding strength, quick curing time, and ease of use. 

Material Specifications 

Our re-barring chemicals are high-quality epoxy resin formulated for best bonding and strength. The chemical is formulated to give even results, irrespective of the variation of environmental conditions. Notably, it is of a high load-bearing capacity and of high resistance to chemicals, therefore, suitable for demanding use. 

Technical Specifications 

Re 500 Rebaring Chemical has different quantities to cater to all sorts of projects. It is dispensed through a cartridge and can be used with standard dispensing equipment. The chemical can carry rebar ranging in diameter from 8 mm to 32 mm, and the product attains full strength within a minimum of one day, depending on the atmosphere temperature. Detailed description of Re 500 The product possesses high pull-out strength that can handle dynamic loading. 

Standards and Compliance 

Every [ Rebaring Chemical ] conforms to the ASTM and EN quality international standards. We, being among the prime suppliers of the [ Rebaring Chemical ], check our products to meet those standards, therefore ensuring safety, reliability, and performance to the users. The certification of [ Rebaring Chemical manufactures ] is for meeting the quality management and excellence in customer service. 

Usage Instructions 

Godrej TBL has been designed to last long and deliver optimum design performance. Please follow the instructions for the installation of your [Rebaring Chemical]. Surface Preparation: Clean and free of dust, grease, loose particles. For placing the rebar into a hole filled with the adhesive, please refer to detailed instructions in the User Manual; in case of any queries related to the same, contact our technical support. 


All the proper rebar connections using Rebaring Chemical make structural engineering projects sturdy and durable. It is most useful in works for building renovation, bridge engineering, and works relating to infrastructure repairs. In high-load bearing and critical structural applications, the Re 500 variant becomes very critical where reliability is the key. 

The [ Rebaring Chemical ] is thus good for marine and industrial activity exposure. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and waters. It is a strongly made chemical anchor for great durability and reliability in most conditions. The [ chemical anchor bolt ] is known for holding heavy loads securely in concrete. 

The Rebaring Chemical is chemically formulated such that it provides very good bonding for rebar with concrete under extremely high stress. In real terms, it is strongly manufactured, implying that it is durable and reliable in operation. Rebaring Chemical Manufacturers even have a whole range of rebaring chemicals, having customized solutions for any kind of requirement in any industry. That is why these are more preferred suppliers where the work is of precision engineering with reliability. 

Features and Benefits 


This kind of [ Rebaring Chemical ] is used with highly advanced epoxy resin technology to give high bond strength. 
The Re 500 has a high tolerance capacity suitable to be used in crucial structures. 
Its flexibility allows the straightforward application of the rebar and a quick cure, hence reducing downtime on time and labor that occurs for capping or grouting. 


This ensures the service life is long and maintenance reduced by highly durable formulations and design. 
Enhancement of the bond of the adhesive of the product increases the effectiveness of the product towards structural strength and safety. 
The compe-titive prices by Re 500 make it certain for the business to be highly cost-effective, offering best-in-quality solutions for rebaring at rates. 

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  • [Chemical Anchor Bolts] Reliable in anchorage solutions and durable. These certainly go well with the robust power of bonding imparted by rebaring chemicals in solutions.
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Call to Actions 

“Request a Quote” for bulk orders, or “Contact Us for More Information” for solutions based on your needs. Our expert team in [ Rebaring Chemical Manufacturers] is ever ready to help you choose the ideal rebaring chemical that meets your specific needs. 

Support and Warranty Information 

Our rebaring chemicals, like the Re 500, with chemical anchor bolts, have great comprehensive warranties and full customer support services from our trusted rebaring-chemical supplier. We do installation, support operation, and troubleshooting services in case of any issues so that your rebaring chemical can perform to the optimum throughout its service life. 


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