Wedge Lock Washe

Wedge Lock Washe

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Wedge Lock Washer
Bolts are one of the many pillions which hold our modern-day society together. Engineering and technology have moved a far way but all the structures and machinery rely on them. Although nuts and bolts make an easy pair to install and use, the design leads to one major drawback. They loosen due to vibration and vibration is present everywhere. So locking system is used along with bolts.

Bolts are as good as the locking system it is engaged with. The traditional materials used for locking with bolts are plain washers, lock nut, spring washer, nylock nut, etc. But they have a limitation, the principle of friction is used in these systems which sometimes leads to unintentional screw loosening as the intensity of vibration increases.

Induskart Engitech brings the most effective solution to bolt loosening in the form of wedge lock washer. These washers are designed as pairs in which both parts have wedge-like structures called cam on inside and serrations on the outside.

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Functioning of Wedge Lock Washer
Tension instead of friction is the principle of working in these washers. They are designed using basic geometry which allows them to form a wedge between pair and serrations on one side, which impregnates into the mating part, i.e. the bolt and the surface to which the bolt is tightened.

Method of application
The alternative locking solutions like Loctite are used as thread sealant for many bolts which have limited applicability as it depends on skills of labour installing it and the area where it is being installed. The installation of wedge lock washer is very simple. It is installed in the same way as a flat washer, just needed to be tightened properly and the serrations on outer surface need to be inserted into the adjacent part.

Benefits of using Nord-Lock washers

  • Reliable locking
  • Can be easily installed and dismantled
  • High resistance to corrosion (various coatings available as per application)
  • Lubrication doesn’t affect the locking system
  • Can be Reused, unlike other locking systems.

Areas of application

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Wind energy technology
  • Railways
  • Bridges and Structructure
  • Automobile Industry

Offered washers are available in Carbon steel and Stainless steel. Can be made available in other material also on special request.


Specification Of Wedge Lock Washer

Applications:General steel application
Material Standard:EN 1.7182
Hardening:Through hardened
Hardness*≥ 465HV1
Corrosion Resistance**Minimum 1,000 hours in salt spray test according to ISO 9227
Temperature Range***-50°C to 200°C
Bolt GradesFUp to 12.9
Size RangeM3–M130 #5 to 5″
CoatingBase coat: Delta Protekt® KL100 zinc flake coating (Top coat: VH 302 GZ )
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