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Threaded Rod & Studs

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Threaded Rod & Studs: ​The threaded rod Fairfield is basically used to fasten wood or metal together. It acts as a pin that is used to connect two materials together. They are also used to stabilize structures by inserting them into concrete or wood during repair.

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Threaded Rod 

The [Threaded Rod] is a versatile and essential component used in various construction, industrial, and automotive applications. It provides a strong and reliable fastening solution, capable of securing components in a wide range of settings. These rods are widely used due to their ease of installation and adaptability to different project requirements. 

Material Specification 

We only deal with top-notch quality materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized steel, to assure that our [Threaded Rods] are strong, resistant, and durable. The [8mm Threaded Rod] and [10mm Threaded Rod] are specially noted for widely used light and heavy-duty uses, giving excellent service in reliability under variable conditions. 

Technical Specifications 

These are products available in different sizes where the common diameters are from M3 to M48 and can extend up to a length of 3 meters. They are designed to fix securely in different substrates, hence applicable in industrial and automotive uses. Comprehensive specifications include the rod diameter, length, and the thread pitch. Some of the common types include the Full Threaded Rod and Threaded Stud, each designed to provide optimal performance in different operational contexts. 

Standards and Compliance 

All [Threaded Rods] are manufactured to meet the standard specifications of ASTM, DIN, and ISO 9001. As the leading [Threaded Rod Suppliers], we always ensure thorough testing up to the stringent standard levels in order for these certificates to assure our customers peace of mind in terms of safety, reliability, and performance. Certification for [Threaded Rod Manufacturers] attests to the quality and management of services as well. 

Usage Instructions 

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your [Threaded Rod], follow the installation steps: Cut to the desired length of the rod with a rod cutter or saw, clean the threads, and insert the rod into the pre-drilled hole. Secure with nuts and washers as required. For detailed instructions, refer to the User Guide or contact our Technical Support team. 


The threaded rod is a key component for most fastening in construction, manufacturing, and automotive projects that require secure fastening. These are used to a very large scale for mounting machinery, securing structural components, and assembling automotive parts in many applications. The basic quality of strength and firm grip in tough and dynamic situations is the key point for the variant of a fully threaded rod. 

The [Threaded Rod] is perfect for indoor and outdoor use given its high level of resistance to weather and chemical elements. Its rugged formulation ensures elements of great durability and reliability under all sorts of conditions. This [Threaded Bar] would be mostly preferred for applications requiring ease in securing components within construction and industrial frames. 

The [Threaded Rod] has been uniquely engineered to provide secure fastening in high-stress situations; the built-in robustness in the mechanism provides long life and reliability, hence applicable under the harshest and most demanding conditions. Being an all-rounder supplier, manufacturers of HT manufacture in a flexible and comprehensive range with threaded rods for demanding industrial requirements. This flexibility makes them favored vendors under projects where engineering precision and reliability are called for. 

Features and Benefits 

Features : 

  • Better strength and flexibility, not to mention the best materials. 
  • The high-load bearing of the [Threaded Rod] makes it the perfect option for numerous applications in fastening. 
  • Using all-thread is fast and headache-free in securing and installing all kinds of hardware, which saves time and labor costs. 


  • Long life and reduced maintenance as it is made from materials of durability and the design. 
  • Hence, a strong attachment to the [Threaded Rod] will increase structural reliability and safety. 
  • Price competitiveness: [Threaded Rod Price] competitive from [Threaded Rod Suppliers], it corresponds to the cost-effectiveness for the companies, providing them with high-quality anchoring solutions at reasonable. 

Related Products 

May consider adding the following related products for a complete, maximally effective system: 

  • [Chemical Anchors]: It ensures powerful anchoring or fastening in various applications under static or dynamic loading. 
  • [Mechanical Fasteners]: Provide accurate and powerful hold-downs, besides holding, due to the suction unit of threaded rods. 
  • Anchor Fasteners: For long-lasting and dependable fixing into concrete and masonry structures to provide extended service and in-service surface integrity. 

Call to Action 

Provide a request for a quote on volume discount pricing, or get in touch for any inquiry regarding a custom solution that will exactly meet your needs. A team of experts at [Threaded Rod Manufacturers] is here to help you with the selection of the perfect anchor, meeting your individual requirements. 

Support and Warranty Information 

Full Customer Service from the best known suppliers supports the full warranty on our part regarding our thread rods range, including the Full Threaded Rod and Threaded Stud. We stand by best-in-class installation support, operation support, and troubleshooting services for best-in-class performance throughout the life cycle of the rod. 

Size in Dia6mm to 182mm
LengthUp to 500 mm
MaterialSteel Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel (SS-304, SS-316) / Metal
Usage/ApplicationStructures to concrete / Construction
Head typeFlat / Oval / Pan / Truss / Round / Hex / Hex Washer / Slotted Hex Washer / Socket Cap / Button
GradeGrade 2 / Grade 5 / Grade 8 / Grade A325 / 18-8 Stainless / Class 8.8 / Class 10.9 / Class 12.9 / A-2 Stainless
Thread TypeFull Thread / Partial Thread
Approvals / Test ReportETA Apporved / ICC Apporved / SEISMIC C12 Apporved
Overall Length25 mm to 440 mm
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