Sanitary Fixing Anchor

Sanitary Fixing Anchor

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Sanitary Fixing Anchor: Nylon Anchors are pre-assembled through fixing, a light duty nail expanding for solid masonry and hollow wall constructions. The design of the expansion nail used in the Nylon Anchor is such that it can be removed if need be.

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Sanitary Fixing Anchor 

The [Sanitary Fixing Anchor] is a specialized fastening solution designed for securing sanitary fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and urinals to concrete or masonry surfaces. It provides a reliable and sturdy hold, ensuring the safety and stability of the installed fixtures. These anchors are essential in both residential and commercial bathroom installations. 

Material Specifications 

Our Sanitary Fixing Anchors are made from materials such as stainless steel and galvanized steel, giving them immense strength and resistance to corrosion; therefore, they are highly durable and can be exposed in moist conditions, which are very common in bathrooms. The anchors are made in such a way that they can accept high load stresses and guarantee performance over the long term. 

Technical Specifications 

The [Sanitary Fixing Anchors] have varied specifications in terms of size, ranging up to 8 or 12 mm in diameter and lengths of up to 100 mm. They are custom fitted to standard sanitary wares and grip concrete or masonry surfaces firmly when attached. The company gives out the diameter, length, and load capacity of each anchor. 

Standards and Compliance 

Every [Sanitary Fixing Anchor] manufactured is done according to various international standards like ASTM and ISO 9001. Being one of the leading [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Manufacturers], we take steps to test our products as per these standards in order to give our customers maximum satisfaction, quality, and performance assurance. Factory certification is just one of the many assurances that come with our [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Suppliers’]. 

Usage Instructions

For the best performance of this Sanitary Fixing Anchor and its long service life, install according to direction. Drill a suitable size hole, remove debris, and insert the anchor into the hole. Secure sanitary fixture using the provided bolts. In case of detailed instructions, refer to user manual or contact our technical supportive team. 


A Sanitary Fixing Anchor is a very important capability added to fix sanitaryware within the bathroom. It is widely used for anchorage of fixtures, such as water closets, wash basins, and urinals, to concrete and masonry surfaces in residential and commercial buildings. A Sanitary Fixing Anchor keeps these fixtures attached securely so that they wouldn’t move or detach over time. 

This is the most preferred state of the anchor in both high-moisture environments against corrosion and water hazards. The powerful formulation ensures the required levels of strength and endurance under different conditions. The main features of those anchors are their installation simplicity and the way they can give a firm hold in concrete and masonry structures. 

This is a specially designed pin which fixes rigidly in high-stress conditions. The strong mechanism of the same ensures its durability and dependability and therefore it will be suited to rough and tough applications. The [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Manufacturers] around produce a variety of kinds of fixing anchors, including customized solutions for specific industrial needs. Such flexibility has made them the popular choice as suppliers for projects that require engineering accuracy and dependability. 

Features and Benefits 


  • With these [Sanitary Fixing Anchors], the advanced expansion technology increases the holding strength. 
  • The anchors are designed for high loading capacity, ideal for critical sanitary application. 
  • This effective multi-purpose design of the [Sanitary Fixing Anchor] facilitates ease and speed of installation in the process of securing, thus reducing downtime and labor costs. 


  • This gives the household a long life cycle and minimizes maintenance with strong material and design. 
  • The strong fixing of the sanitary fixing anchor for better holding enables fixture reliability and safety. 
  • [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Price] by [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Suppliers] economizes on business capital with prices that match the market and maintain quality. 

Related Products 

The following complementary product integration can be considered for the most efficient operation and comprehensive protection of the system: 

  • [Chemical Anchors]: This allows strong anchoring when employed in various construction applications. 
  • [Anchor Fasteners]: Manufactures fastening systems with high-tensile strength and precision to support the holding power of sanitary fixing anchors. 
  • [Mechanical Fasteners]: Ensure safe and dependable concrete and masonry structures by lengthening the operational life and maintaining the structural integrity. 

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“Request a Quote” for bulk pricing, or “Contact Us for More Information” for a custom solution. Our team of experienced [sanitary fixing anchor manufacturers] is always dedicated to helping you in selecting the best anchor for your needs. 

Support and Warranty Information 

Our [Sanitary Fixing Anchors] come with a full warranty and full customer support from trusted [Sanitary Fixing Anchor Suppliers]. We offer guidance for installation, operational support, troubleshooting, and more to make sure that your anchor is in top shape throughout its service life. 

Size in Dia6mm to 182mm
LengthUp to 500 mm
MaterialZinc Plated Steel / Stainless Steel (SS-304, SS-316) / Metal / M S
Usage/ApplicationStructures to concrete / Construction
Head typeFlat / Oval / Pan / Truss / Round / Hex / Hex Washer / Slotted Hex Washer / Socket Cap / Button
GradeGrade 2 / Grade 5 / Grade 8 / Grade A325 / 18-8 Stainless / Class 8.8 / Class 10.9 / Class 12.9 / A-2 Stainless
Thread TypeFull thread / Partial thread
Approvals / Test ReportETA Apporved / ICC APPROVED / SEISMIC C12 APPROVED
Overall Length25 mm to 440 mm
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