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Sleeve Anchors: ​Sleeve anchors are the most versatile masonry expansion anchors because they can be used in a variety of base materials, including concrete, brick, and block. They are available in a wide variety of diameters, lengths, and head styles. The available head styles are acorn, hex nut, flat, countersunk, and round head.

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Sleeve Anchor 

The [Sleeve Anchor] is a versatile and reliable fastening solution designed for anchoring fixtures into concrete, brick, and block. It provides a strong and secure hold, making it essential for various construction and industrial applications. These anchors are ideal for use in heavy-duty installations due to their high load-bearing capacity and durability. 

Material Specifications 

Rugged and reliable, our superior sleeve anchors are manufactured from premium materials such as carbon steel—zinc-plated for corrosion resistance—and stainless steel, imparting high strength and durability. These anchors have 360° full hole contact over a large area, which reduces the stress on concrete and provides ultimate security in terms of holding. 

Technical Specifications 

These anchors are available in numerous sizes with regard to diameters and lengths, ranging commonly from 1/4″ to up to 3/4″ in diameter and up to 6″ in length. The hole has to be drilled using a masonry bit of the same size diameter as the sleeve anchor being installed. Relative to size and material, these anchors can hold quite heavy loads both in tension and in shear. For instance, a 3/8″ in diameter anchor can support tensile loads up to 1,500 lbs. and shear loads up to 1,250 lbs. 

Standards and Compliance 

Each [Sleeve Anchor] is endowed with a mark of international approval thanks to adherence to international standards such as ASTM, DIN, and ISO 9001. As one of the leading [Sleeve Anchor Suppliers], we assure strict tests for our products to toe the line of the said standards, which will give the necessary assurance to our buyers in terms of their safety, reliability, and performance. Certification through [Sleeve Anchor Manufacturers] proves adherence to quality management and customer service excellence. 

Usage Instructions 

Make sure to install the product following the guidelines. You have to drill the hole to be of the correct diameter and clean, and finally, you set the anchor to the hole. With the hole ready, just tighten the anchor bolt to activate the expansion and fix the fixture. You will find a detailed installation guide in your user manual, or you may alternatively contact our technical support team. 


The [Sleeve Anchor] is critical for projects with construction and industrial fastenings that are both safe and strong. It comes in a design that can be widely applied in the field of structural beam anchoring, heavy machinery hold-down, and safety barrier fixing. The [Sleeve Anchor Bolt] variety is appropriate for applications issuing very high loads where safety and trust are paramount. 

This makes the anchor very ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, carrying excellent resistance toward the impacts of weather and exposure to many chemicals. Conceived with a vigor formula, it pledges the best outcome and reliability in the face of every condition. The plastic anchor bolt sleeves are preferred for use due to their diverse nature in anchoring fixtures into concrete and masonry structures. 

The [Sleeve Anchor] is made for use in highly stressed applications by firmly anchoring into the base material. Being highly mechanized and strong, it is sure to be long-lasting and dependable, suitable even within the most hostile and rigorous working conditions. [Manufacturers of Sleeve Anchors] manufacture a fully customized range of sleeve anchors to fit or meet the stringent requirements of the industrial needs. It is this factor that further makes them the most preferred suppliers in delivering the precise work engineering and reliability needed in different projects. 

Features and Benefits 


  • Premium quality material makes it extra strong; it also makes it more flexible. 
  • The [Sleeve Anchor] is designed for critical fastening applications with high load-bearing capacity. 
  • The versatile design of the [sleeve anchor] supports hassle-free installation and fast securing, which minimizes downtime and labor costs. 


  • The long life of service and less frequent maintenance needs are assured as a result of the fine-grade materials utilized in the making and design. 
  • Moreover, the efficiency of a sleeve anchor to provide a powerful hold enhances structural reliability with a touch of safety. 
  • Competitive: [ Sleeve Anchor Manufacturers] at Affordable Prices from [ Sleeve Anchor Factory] ensures competitiveness to businesses by quality anchoring solution to businesses at the most affordable prices. 

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Combine together these related products to achieve total system protection and support: 

  • Chemical Anchors: It has high-power potentials for anchoring and is applied to a lot of construction. 
  • [Mechanical Fasteners]: They offer correct and sturdy attaching solutions, hence are used in complementing the holders of the sleeve anchors. 
  • [Anchor Fixings]: The fixing is strong and durable for fixing connections in concrete and masonry structures, extending the operational life and guaranteeing the structural integrity. 

Call to Action 

“Request a Quote” for best pricing with bulk orders, or “Get a Quote” in case you desire a quote or another solution which can be tailored to your project’s specification. We have a highly experienced team with years in the construction business, ready to help from [Sleeve Anchor Manufacturers] and will get you the anchor you need. 

Support and Warranty Information 

Our Sleeve Anchors, which include the Sleeve Anchor Bolt and the Plastic Anchor Bolt Sleeves, are fully covered prudently and supported by genuine bonafide Sleeve Anchor Suppliers. We share installation tips, operating tips, and even troubleshooting to carry you through to the best performance of your anchor throughout the period of use. 

Size in Dia6mm to 182mm
LengthUp to 500 mm
MaterialSteel Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel (SS-304, SS-316) / Metal
Usage/ApplicationStructures to concrete / Construction
Head typeFlat / Oval / Pan / Truss / Round / Hex / Hex Washer / Slotted Hex Washer / Socket Cap / Button
GradeGrade 2 / Grade 5 / Grade 8 / Grade A325 / 18-8 Stainless / Class 8.8 / Class 10.9 / Class 12.9 / A-2 Stainless
Thread TypeFull Thread / Partial Thread
Approvals / Test ReportETA Apporved / ICC Apporved / SEISMIC C12 Apporved
Overall Length25 mm to 440 mm
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